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  1. Surely the club must have some indication that we''re right to challenge the decision otherwise we wouldnt be doing anything?Clearly we''re in a desperate state but I just dont see why we''re doing this if there isnt a chance?

    Anyone in the know able to shed any light?

  2. [quote user="Pauls Ferry"]Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Samir.

    Not the brightest move, was it?

    Where do you work? What do they tell you to do for your birthday?[/quote]I dont have an issue with people being hacked off at the tweet- it was a stupid thing to do.Calling into question my support is what really does my head in- I never do it to people!

  3. [quote user="Gingerpele"]I still don''t understand why people think it''s acceptable to call thousands of people something like dirty low life (and worse) just because of the football team they support.... It''s odd.[/quote]Yet I bet you and others think it''s ok to go around calling other people all the names under the sun because of a stupid comment that was put onto social media?I now accept the tweet was a stupid thing to do but frankly, we''re in a relegation battle and so is it really too much to ask a player to postpone his main birthday celebrations until the end of the close season? No doubt others will disagree...I should probably sell my Chelsea ticket back to the club as I''m ''"not really Norwich" anyway according to certain people :(And my season ticket. And my shirts :( :( :( :( :(

  4. [quote user="Pauls Ferry"]

    Oh, the irony....


    Let''s keep it tight defensively and set-up with a negative formation intent on stopping the opposition..


    What happened to "play to our strengths", "stop worrying about the opposition and concentrate on what we do", "bloody Hughton always plays for a 0-0", "take the handbrake off"....


    Sack him, then advocate playing just like him. Good effort. [:D]

    [/quote]Because we had such a great away record under Hughton didnt we...

  5. [quote user="morty"][quote user="RvWs 4 year contract"]Personally I blame the people that have backed Hughton blindy failing to accept that he has his faults as a football manager...

    That includes a percentage of the fans. [/quote]You do realise that fans opinion of a manager has very, very little to do with how long he stays in his job, don''t you?I would certainly hope that the board don''t listen to the majority of fans opinions expressed here.

    [/quote]So predictable. I did include the board in the people that i blamed did i not?

  6. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]Last season and much of this when some posters and myself were criticising Hughton we got dog''s abuse on this board.

    Hughton got abuse, that''s laughable. He got very little personal abuse. He could try refereeing or doing any number of public sector jobs or myriad low paid jobs which attract wholesale unwarranted abuse.

    What abuse he did get he handled in an exemplary manner.

    Hughton will feel no pain of relegation, that will be left to the players and supporters. He got off light.[/quote]Personally I love the part where LDC fails to see that Hughton had any faults as a football manager...I''m not going today LDC as I cant really afford to travel to Old Trafford next week but I will be at the Bridge next week. Am I plastic?

  7. [quote user="Gingerpele"]I don''t know why so many Norwich fans think its a great time to play them...

    Think its a terrible time. Giggs will have them well and truly fired up. They are playing for pride, which has been damaged almost beyond repair. They are playing for a place in the squad next season, or for a transfer to a decent club on a similar wage. So many of the players in that team could easily fall down the ranks next season at Man.U or move to a ''lesser'' club potentially on a lower wage.

    Under Moyes they were deflated, terrible home record. They have the quality in the squad to turn us over despite our improved two performances under Adams. If Moyes was manager i''d have us down for a sneaky win. Now i''m not so sure...[/quote]Well said Gingerpele.

    Didnt they batter us 4-0 in the League Cup when Moye was boss....?I''ve got us down for a 3-0 defeat.

  8. [quote user="lake district canary"]Two pleasant and respected people in the football world both who dared to dream by taking on the managership of NCFC. Both ultimately failed, but both have been on the sharp end of some hatred, vitriol and abuse on here.   It makes this board an incredibly unpleasant place to be when that happens.  No one deserves what they had thrown at them.   I take the abuse on here because I can answer back, but these people who try and take our club forward can''t answer back, except on the pitch by getting results.    I started on this board because of the abuse Gunn got.  I am still on this board doing the same thing because of the abuse Hughton got.   It seems things don''t change much on a football message board - thankfully I don''t have to put up with the abuse,  I can answer back or I can walk away.  I hope future managers get a better deal from our more unpleasant fans, but somehow I doubt it.  

    [/quote]Gunny and Hootun had awful managerial records at NCFC yet you want us to defend them because they''re "nice guys".You are a tool.

  9. [quote user="lake district canary"]I just don''t know what to think.   Its totally up in the air what may happen tomorrow.  We have no idea what team we will put out or how Adams and the players will approach it and how they will react to the changes.   The only good thing is that Fulham will have no idea either.  

    Total guess - 2-2

    [/quote]Completely agree LDC.I''m leaving for London in about an hour or so, I have no idea what to expect.OTBC
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