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  1. Been a great World Cup so far and I can honestly say I''ve enjoyed every single match.Even Mexico 1 Cameroon 0 was a great spectacle because of all the controversy. I used to enjoy the Premier League before City got involved and all the stress of supporting your own team etc so I hope what has been a brilliant start to this tournament isnt ruined when England take to the field tonight..


  2. I''m not anti the Board per se as I can recognise they''ve done a lot of good for us, met all of them a few times as well and they''re very nice people (although so was HOOTUN and that didnt do him any favours did it?!).

    I think once we get into next season properly we''ll be able to put last season behind us.


  3. [quote user="TCCANARY"]

    [quote] user="RvW''s 4 year contract"]You mean like they said they were happy with Hughton only to reveal afterwards they would have sacked him in January in ideal circumstances?

    My faith in the Board has been rocked. Up to them to improve that- and I dont think I''m the only supporter who feels like that![/quote]


    Well you can hang around in the past but the rest of us will be striding forward with confidence knowing that targets are available and we have the resources to get them.



    [/quote]Hang around in the past? Some people aren''t happy with the Adams/Royle/Holt/Robson appointments (rightly or wrongly).It''s hardly the past when it''s happening right now, just seems like another little old Narwich decision.I hope we win the league by a massive margin next year but as I''ve said, the Board HAS made mistakes (they''ve admitted it!) and it''s up to them to rectify that.

  4. The only reason we had 3 years in the Premier League was Lambo.I honestly believe that.Our Board shows no ambition at the best of times and they got lucky with the Lambo appointment.Yes Lambo might be a **** but he was successful. In my 12 years as a Norwich City supporter the best managers we''ve had have been Nigel Worthington (in the beginning anyway) and PL. We wont be back in the Premier League again for a long long time is my feeling.

    Would dearly love to be proved wrong.

  5. [quote user="Norfolk Mustard"]

    Jeez, what a bundle of fun you seem to be DanielsRoundabout!

    You are basing your thoughts on what exactly? Ignorance and fear I''d politely say. Any success we''ve created you suggest may be nothing more than mere ''fluke''!

    I don''t know NA personally, but I do know a few key people who do. Including those actively involved with him and the players during the 3-4 years prior to winning the Youth FA Cup. That certainly wasn''t a fluke! Actually maybe you''re so tight giving others deserved praise you think beating Chelsea over two legs was indeed a fluke?! Either way, your opinion is valid of course.

    Ahead of a ball being kicked in anger, I''m not sure what what you consider this ''awful mistake'' of appointing a management team of proven winners could be?


    [/quote]It''s an awful appointment because ADAMS DOESNT HAVE EXPERIENCE.Is that so difficult to comprehend? It''s just little old Narwich again but people are happy with it.

  6. [quote user="Gingerpele"]I can''t understand why anyone can be that disappointed really.

    Relegation isn''t nice, but it was nailed on with the loss to WBA anyway and everything else was clutching at straws.

    Plus the main reason I say I don''t know why people are that disappointed is look at the last three seasons, even under Lambert the PL wasn''t all that wonderful, there were probably as many if not a couple more enjoyable games in his one season than in Hughton''s two. But the reality is a vast majority of games for most of the bottom ten are going to be boring or frustrating or just embarrassing. It would not change even if we brought in the single best candidate for the job, because a manager can''t change the way the PL works.[/quote]A new manager might not have changed the way the PL works but it would have changed the dour crap football served up by Hootun week week out.I do agree that we''re always likely to struggle because as much as some might not want to admit it but there is a hierarchy (because of the influx of money) in the Premier League but there are ways of struggling!

  7. [quote user="Dubai Mark"]Disagree, the manager who gets us in and around the top three next season and a final automatic promotion spot WILL unite the fans regardless of who he is. BUT, the problem will definately come the following season should we be in the EPL where unrealistic expectations will take over, and very quickly the manager if we are not comfortably clear of the drop zone, whoever he is will be the subject of an "XXXXX OUT" campaign, thats just how it goes.  [/quote]Unrealistic expectations?What the f*ck are you on about? Most Norwich fans I know (and me) just wanted to stay up.Go and support Burnley, they''ll be Premier League next season. Plenty of streams for you.
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