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  1. Poland are not as good as their results suggest Splutch...they got unbelievably lucky against Germany and only drew at home against us with the help of a late equaliser... I don''t see the Rep losing to them at home, and actually from a Scots perspective could do with seeing a draw... But it is going to be really close this group...going to go to the last match I reckon.
  2. Oh yyyyooouuuu absolute bbbeeeaaauuutttyyy!!! Thanks Russ and Whitts. Much drink will be taken in this house tonight! On top of that taken to get through the 90 minutes! Interestingly, once the next round of matches are played in this group it looks very much like Poland, Rep Ire, Scotland and Germany will all be on 10 points! This is going to be very close...
  3. It''s the 7th round of the French cup this weekend. Tiny Auch take on Nimes of Ligue 2. Think Diss v Blackburn and you wouldn''t be far off. No idea of the odds but for Auch to win would be a major giant killing...
  4. Well I never - Mandie autocorrects to amandine on an ipad!! Sorry Mandie!
  5. [quote user="lake district canary"]Scottish Preiership for me please - Kilmarnock to beat Ross County. Norwich bet - think Pearce is on his way out of Notts Forest so to help him on his way and to rekindle our hopes, a stirring 3-0 to Norwich. [/quote] Ah - well done LDC! I think that''s the first time I have ever seen Killie tipped to win a match by a PUP!! If you had watched them lose to Dundee last week at home then you might not be so optimistic!! But I happen to agree with you that Killie might just win this one! For my pick this week I am going with Ingolstadt at the top of the 2te Bundesliga to beat Union Berlin. - although last time I picked them they let me down so this is their final chance! Ingolstadt are top of the league, unbeaten all season. Union are lower mid table with a dodgy away record... For the City bet, I foresee a draw, and probably a nervy match. So 1-1 for me. Good luck to everyone, especially amandine and Pauls
  6. Bundesliga 3 for me My old home town team Osnabrueck, entertain bottom dwellers Sonnenhof. Osnabrueck are having a promising season and are generally strong at home, but even if they weren''t, it has to be said that Sonnenhof are dire with only 2 wins from 14 games all season and 5 defeats in hyper last 6 games. For the City game, I am going to buck the trend and go for a city clean sheet. Good luck Mr A and Wooster!
  7. Getting in early this week! Fed up being late! Die dritte bundesliga for me this week. Top of the table Wehen - played 7 at home and won 6 - face Mainz 05 II - currently in one of the relegation places and with 1 win from 6 away games. Should be a slam dunk home win...famous last words! Good luck Kathy and Lakey and all the PuPs
  8. Sorry guys. First chance I have had to get to this. As I am titling down with a VERY big bottle of wine before my tv to watch the Scotland game I shall go with my home nation to beat Georgia. At least I bloody hope so!
  9. OK then - thanks everyone for your help with this. There seem to be three consistent themes from the picks and all reflect my own thinking so lets go for them - can we have 2 quid on each please Nutty? 1 - Norwich to win 4-0 2 - Johnny Howson to cap off a return to the team with a goal 3 - Most of the goals to come in the second half so at least 2 goals in the second 45 minutes I hope these meet with PUPs approval, and if they come off we will be enjoying a happy Saturday! Good luck Jellytot!
  10. Evening all Thanks for the tips everyone. Very much along my own lines of thinking - after Tuesday I am convinced someone is soon going to get an absolute spanking at Carrow Road, and why not Saturday! I will try to post my final selections tomorrow night if that''s ok Nutty? I will be at work till after 7 though so won''t be until around 9 I guess. For the full PUPs bet, my pick is from 2 Bundesliga, where I expect Ingolstadt (top of the table and unbeaten at home) to beat Eintracht Braunschweig (1 point from 4 away games so far this season) Good luck Jellytot
  11. Oops! Just testing!! I will have a look for something else then! Just as well,given the result!
  12. Ha! On time at last this week! Borussia Dortmund to beat bottom of the table Stuttgart at home. Stuttgart have a single point and a single goal from George first four games, and Dortmund is always a difficult place for anyone to go as Arsenal proved the other week. For The City bet, how about Norwich to win by 2 clear goals.
  13. You forgot one! Wait till the final five minutes of a key league game and then decide to get up and leave without seeing how it ends, so you can ''avoid the crowds'' I really don''t get it. Why bother to go at all? Do these people buy a ticket for the cinema and get up and leave five minutes before the end? Might I suggest that if ''avoiding the crowds'' are something of an issue for you, then you may not be ready to attend live football matches played before a crowd of almost 30,000 people?? I suggest in this case going to watch Ipsh!t - no need to worry about their of crowds and also no likelihood of being over excited either. Sheesh! Rant over!
  14. Sorry everyone... Late again. My tip for this week is as usual from Krautland, and this week is the Zweite bundesliga. Unusually, and riskily I am going for an away win this week, as bottom side Union Berlin host table toppers RB Leipzig. Good luck all
  15. Damn...too late. Apologies - not that my pick is ever one worth waiting for! As is my custom, the lower reaches of the bundesliga is my haunting ground. This week I am going to predict (well, wildly guess if we''re being accurate!) a home win for Darmstadt (unbeaten in 4 league games so far) against poor Aue (played 4 lost 4) Good luck Gravy and Parma and all you PUPs Nutty - 4th October will be fine for the Citybet - proud and pleased to be asked. Thanks mate
  16. Hi all. What a horrible week to get this job Vindo! Having perused the fixtures I am going to go for a game in the German 3rd division, being played on a Saturday afternoon Stuttgarter Kickers (who my autocorrect is persistently trying to rechristen the stuttgart kissers!) host Fortuna Cologne. Stuttgart second in the table with 14 points from 7 games and three straight home wins. Fortuna third from bottom with 4 points from 7 games So Stuttgarter kickers to beat Fortuna Cologne at home for me this week. Ps - have avoided the Germany v Scotland fixture for obvious reasons!!!! Never underestimate us...we''ve only got to stop Muller and Kroos and Oezil and .....er the rest of the best team in the world! Best of luck Vindo
  17. Dutch league for me then in a tough week PSV Eindhoven top the table with 100% record are at home to Vitesse who have y to win and are bottom. Always a bit worried about 100% records (they never last long do they?) but can''t see any better option for this week I know I''ve missed it but Norwich 2 Bournemouth 0 for the city bet is my best guess! Good luck Til and Stewy and everyone else
  18. [quote user="OldRobert"][quote user="vlad666"]I''d be reluctant to sell him as we don''t have a great deal of pace in the side. If he could improve his end product we''d have an excellent player on our hands. Hopefully this will come with age.[/quote]Ah, but what age? How long do we have to wait, we have little enough improvement so far. If someone wants to pay silly money now, let''s be having some of it. His progress has been minimal.[/quote] The lad is 20 years old for Christ''s sake - only months older than the Murphys.
  19. He has no ability to,support our club. Because he doesn''t
  20. I think we may be expecting a bit too much too soon from NR. He has only just turned 20. I find it interesting that he is expected to be so much further ahead in his development than the Murphys when he is less than a year older than they are? I love watching him burst past people with his pace, but get as frustrated as anyone when the umpteenth shot flies into the upper tier or the cross hits the first defender...but the reason we expect so much is that I think we all see that there could be something special about him...we just are getting impatient because he isn''t delivering it yet. I am worried that he isn''t developing at the rate we hoped for, but wingers do take longer to develop (Walcott, Lennon etc) Finally, the thing he struggles with is the most difficult thing to do in football...he doesn''t have the luxury of playing easy sideways passes, he is often the furthest forward player looking for the killer final pass...players who can do that consistently are worth an absolute fortune. I don''t disagree with much of what you are saying Huckerby Matt but I think the fans have a huge responsibility to help him develop over the next season or two...he is still a kid and negativity will not help him improve...it will drain his confidence and we will lose him... How galling would it be to then se him go onto become an established england international somewhere else. He''s only just stopped being a teenager for Christ''s sake...cut him some slack (and Neil - maybe don''t play him 90 minute of viceroy match to reduce the expectation somewhat!)
  21. Won - not own! Edit button would be nice...
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