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  1. Get Hooper not Graham, Would rather have Morison than that donkey Graham, he will be useless up on his own. Graham wont cut it year after year in this league, just not good enough, he should enjoy his stint while it lasts he will be back in champ soon.
  2. [quote user="Hardhouse44"]We need a more attacking line up against the teams we can beat at home. That line up yesterday is fine against the Man Utd''s and Arsenals of this world where we are looking to stay tight and nick a goal but when we need to dictate the play it''s not right.We should not play one up front at home against teams as poor and toothless as that Newcastle side. The manager is guilty of playing it too safe. We can''t play two holding midfielders in these game. Choose Johnson or Tetty not both. [/quote]Who do you play in the middle then, with two up front?
  3. Excellent post :) There is nothing wrong with Hughton he is just doing the same great job he did before this losing streak. I would take 15th place this season, Lambert massively overachieved, were making steady progress.
  4. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]interesting - that would suggest there is not much confidence in Bunn to be honest.    If thats what Hughton thinks then Cudicini is a good option.   Not sure we can sign for a 3 month loan in the prem - i have a notion that it can only be until the end of the season - but with Ruddys injury taking longer to heal than expected (perhaps suggesting it may be longer than end of March / beginning of April)  it would probably be a sensible move.   We only have one loan player (Kane - Garrido from Italy counts as a 1 season short term contract so not counted as a loan) so we can bring one more in - my preference would have been a striker though - or return Kane to sender if a better option comes up.   With Kane not making the bench behind Jackson I am not sure we can rate him too highly [/quote]Kane has just come back from injury, and was on bench last game or gsame before so we can
  5. [quote user="Wiz"]Only now does he realise just how good he had it at City...........and he chucked it all away.   Serves him right. [/quote]He didnt really have a choice after what Mcnally did, where have u been lol
  6. Stupid first post, I don''t agree with you, Morison has not been given a chance this season, he needs a run in the team first, he has shown what he can do last season. He is clearly lacking confidence. Just because he has not played for a long time people are saying get rid, you all obviously cannot see a good player when we have one.
  7. [quote user="Power Hamster"][quote user="AJ"]Whilst they didn''t set the world alight, none of those players were that bad. Charlton played some good games for us, Helveg didn''t do much but was solid enough and Bentley wasn''t a bad loan capture. I actually quite liked Jonson too, he got better as the season went on[/quote]I agree Bentley had some good games for us, but if we are comparing actual performances to the hype, I would say overall he was disappointing. Remember, he was touted as the new David Beckham at one stage (or the new Dennis Bergkamp, depending on who you believed). I suspect a lot of this was just lazy journalism, based on his DB initials, but even so the hype was there, and his subsequent career didn''t quite reach the heights that were predicted.[/quote]Well no he was just a very talented player.
  8. [quote user="paul moy"]Those born within a few miles of their beloved club are the true fans. [:P]  [/quote]So I''m not, being born in London growing up in Hertfordshire and now living in London, My gran dad and dad both born and raised in Norwich? I have gone to games and followed Norwich ever since I can remember.
  9. All good stuff Mr Chops, You''re a true fan, no one is a plastic supporting Norwich. How can they be, Norwich haven''t won any major competition.
  10. Oh he watched Cardiff City I see, still though what a twat
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