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  1. I never moan about minutes silences but I don't want my burger to go cold by just standing there holding it, plus there would be others eating around, and I used to smoke a during minutes silence back in my teens when smoking was allowed in the ground!
  2. If that is the case why do the concourse staff serve right up to the silence?
  3. People who moan about people who eat in the stands during a minutes silence Also, miss not being able to have a fag in the ground
  4. Would much rather drive because we can stop when we want and I can have a fag whilst driving!
  5. Well I know. A hot dog will do. But will have a fag during the Remembrance service in Yarmouth on Sunday!
  6. Haha no I'll be in the pub until about 7.30 then I'll head up to the ground. I'll keep an eye on the time so I get in, get served and to my seat in time for the minutes silence.
  7. Most will be in their seats by then so the queues should be down
  8. Yes that's why I'll come in at 7.45 then queue then come to seat
  9. No I'll get my food in the ground thanks
  10. Think I'll get in ground for 7.45 just in case there is a queue
  11. I find the hotdogs in the ground are okay though. They are huge and take a while to eat!
  12. Are they? I find it easier once I am inside as I will have my ticket in my hand so one less thing to carry.
  13. That's okay I don't mind, I'll get in the ground about 7.50 queue up and get a hot dog and go to seat. Its a good time to purchase food then because most people are in their seats by then.
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