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  1. As a point of interst according to the National Rail website trains departing Norwich station at 0957 on a Saturday are operated by East Midland Trains not Greater Anglia.
  2. I recommend Right Guard just in case, my dears.
  3. I''ve lost count of the number of Apocalypses that have meant to happen, my dears. I think they''re a marketing tool. I walked past The Mischief the other day and they''re holding an ''end of the world'' party on the 21st.   Fear not, the game at WBA will take place.
  4. Are you watching BBC2 perchance, my dear lappinitup?
  5. My dear nutty nigel, is your ''friend'' a euphamism? I suggest you retain marital harmony at all costs. A village parallel springs to mind.
  6. A fascinating programme on Panorama my dears.  I didn''t realise naughty criminals exploited the laws to launder their money but it makes sense they now I think about it.   It is quite a minefield.
  7. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="kingsway"] The only small increase in capacity would be temporary seats in front of the Hotel, something which was meant to have happened this summer. Aparently some shareholders of the Hotel wern''t in favour which seems strange cause more people going to the football would surely be beneficial to the Hotel, which aparently has been losingmoney in recent times! [/quote] Apart from Mr McNally saying the club were looking into the possibility of putting seats in the hotel corner the reference to shareholders objecting to this is news to me so can you enlarge on this and also the source to the hotel losing money ?   [/quote] I am reading this that it is Holiday Inn shareholders who don''t want seats in front of the hotel. Is this whta you mean, my dear kingsway? Only TIL 1010 has confused me as he seems to be talking about NCFC shareholders.   I would imagine many hotel chains are losing money because of the poor economy not just Holiday Inn.
  8. My dear nevermind, you obviously know more than I do. Even I am struggling to find a village parallel for tax havens in St Mary Mead.   I quite agree they should pay the taxes. Everybody else has to. There are obviously complications I am not aware of. But there it is.
  9. Thankyou, my dear Shrimper. Funnily enough I did try to retune by rotating the button but to no avail did I hear that lovely boy. It''s nice to know it wasn''t because I did something wrong.
  10. It will be very difficult to do, my dear BW''s Cat. We have no control over the governance of many of those countries and states.   Better action would be for the likes of you and to stop using these companies to reduce their profits. But this is a double-edged sword as it would mean people in Britain losing jobs.
  11. It doesn''t appear so, my dear Truculent Trucker.
  12. [quote user="technika"]and why are so many people unable to quote properly on here [/quote]   It may be because they are not compatable, my dear technika
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