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  1. [quote user="barclay_boy111"]Im really gonna have to have my tin hat on but i don''t care, How did wes do well to get in to space? He stole the ball off of so many players feet and then lost it, it''s unbelievable how people slate Jako who did get in to the right places and did creat some good space the amount of times he had his hand up and called for the ball and then wes and his superb decision making would pass it out wide instead of putting Jackson through on goal is unbelievable! Some people really need to take the wes goggles off and really watch him. His stats this season are 2 assists and 2 goals, he''s supposed to be a creative player doesn''t sound that creative to me, people seem to think that because he can do a 360 with the ball and pass it back he is amazing.. Wrong[/quote]Hoolahan was certainly shocking
  2. [quote user="Highland Canary"]You could make an argument to play Jackson in a 4-4-2 but he''s not the right player as a lone striker in our current system.[/quote]As a lone striker his ineffectiveness is almost inevitable. The ugly midfield play didn''t really help his cause, it was a bad game. He should only be on as a sub when Hughton is trailing and willing to sacrifice a midfielder and pair him with Holt. [quote user="Grant Holts Cod piece"]He was poor today really poor we only looked threatening when holt came on[/quote]Newcastle didn''t have a sniff of goal until the last 20-25 minutes... City never looked like scoring.
  3. was disappointed with Howson and Surman today
  4. [quote user="Scooby"][quote user=BroadstairsR  My substitutions?: Morison (or even Kane?) for Jackson, not the latter''s day and he is destroying build-up rather than creating it. We need more of an edge up front IMO.[/quote] Kane for Jackson seems logical eventually, i can''t really agree with those words though. 2/3 offsides were basically level and the balls were isolated from any kind of cohesive build-up, so didn''t waste much. he completed all his passes. i thought the midfield was helter-skelter.
  5. I see Simeon being held as a sub; extensive travel and almost 180 minutes within the last 7 days.Would like to see Kane get a good run out but I predict Moro, which is fine.
  6. renovating classic stadiums is a touchy subject. not to mention the smaller and more quaint they are, the more troubling the idea seems to be. generally i oppose projects solely focused on increasing capacity, but with a certain amount of emphasis on facility upgrades and a general approach of moderation, it can be an appealing project for many reasons.
  7. Jacko''s Monday and Tuesday night[url]http://youtu.be/_SWQ07YSv6g[/url]
  8. Ahaha who was that at the top of the box who just stopped with the ball and got dispossessed right before the goal? almost like they thought play was stopped..so bad
  9. [quote user="Indy_Bones"][quote user="baldyboy"]Indy you would rather have Martin on the bench than a guy who SCORED last week? Jeez man!![/quote]Yep, because I honestly think that any half decent player would have scored the header that Jackson did (and that includes CM), but I think CM is a bigger threat in regards to shooting and is better technically even if he doesn''t run as much as Jackson does.[/quote]i''ve always found this topic of ''certain headers being a formality'' to be a dubious argument. Jackson put himself in the right position and needed a few strides of his pace to beat his man to the line. you get more than your fair share of whinging in on Jackson, i''m calling bullsh*t this time.
  10. Reading, Southampton, Villa. People pick Wigan to drop every year and it just doesn''t happen, i wouldn''t bet against them. QPR have started rough and will continue to plummet with their tough early schedule, but there''s too much quality on their side not to recover. Maybe not top 10 like they aspire to but can''t see them going down. City are likely 15-19 all year but i don''t foresee a demotion.
  11. [quote user="Making Plans"]So which Match Thread do I use - the "unofficial" match thread or the "unofficial official" match thread[/quote]i don''t put much stock in titles, whichever was first is official to me ;)
  12. [quote user="Canaries Utd"]I wouldn''t be surprised to see Holt and Morrison start against a physical Stoke team.[/quote]me neither; as good a game as any to try and kick-start morrison again. plus, jackson played 90 min on wednesday so maybe a sub appearance for him would be a good break, not to mention a valuable option off the bench.
  13. regardless, i''m sure the Canadian national team is just fine about him only playing 45 ahead of a wednesday international ;)
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