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  1. What''s up Houston Canary? Can''t you handle the facts Cartman made. Lambert left because he thought he''d a better chance doing well with a bigger club, More resources, higher wage big, better facilities etc... Credit to Hughton, where it''s deserved sometimes, would be nice.
  2. Cardiff, Fulham, Palace. All 3 have changed there managers this season. Palace have a difficult run in/harder second part to the season.
  3. Relax. We are in fact 5 points off relegation, and 6 from the bottom. 3 more wins should do it!
  4. No need to make a change yet chaywa. Just be more patient and relax! The manager is a fighter and he''ll get more games. Just a pity about the Tetty injury. Not his fault though is it? Not his fault are players are injured?
  5. Tetty''s injury is a big, big blow. Massive loss. It''s unfortunate.
  6. He is in my opinion far, far, far, far better than Johnson. What planet are you living on! Johnson is the standout worst player in the league. Permanently the worst!
  7. Redmond''s got some great potential. Van Wolf and/or Hooper will score goals again. Please, Norwich stay in this league. We''ve been a bit unlucky so far this season. We would''nt be in the relegation zone if E.Bennett had been fit. We''d have a much better chance of getting out of it with Tetty in the side. Please let''s all get behind the team for the next 3 games, and take maximum points! Let the board make the decision...The boys need are support. Chris.H needs our support. L.Fer will add the required quality to supplement our support, and keep us in the league. That is surely the only objective now?
  8. [quote user="Manchester Canary"]Francombe, Adeyemi and Smith would struggle in that team .... probably bottom half Championship.[/quote] Agree with this. Hoping Wigan with Holt and Barnett. Bournemouth with Ward and Surman, both make the top 6 now.
  9. Steer Francomb Barnett Ward Tierney Smith Adeyemi Surman Martin Holt Jackson. Surely still better than Ipswich, but would they be a match for the promoted sides (Palace, Hull..?)
  10. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2345092/Chelsea-voted-hated-club-English-Premier-League.html
  11. McNally was sales and marketing director with Celtic for four years. Name sounds Scottish. Hard arse. But he''s not a true Scot. My mistake. Should give Grant his money.
  12. Ha! Happy Birthday. ''Peter The Deleter'' Originality has a new form. That is the OP
  13. Hi there. OK Scotsmen aren''t tight. It''s just a story they made up to stop people asking for money!
  14. Wasn''t copper wire invented by two Scotsman fighting over a penny?
  15. Did you hear about the Scotsman who married a girl born on February the 29th so he''d only have to buy her a birthday present every four years?
  16. Holt''s coming to the end of his career and need''s to be paid his FULL worth by the club now. He''s maybe not management material. Lambert. A relative novice at top flight management. But with 30 years left to comfortably excel himself, didn''t have to leave so soon. Can''t paint these two with the same brush. McNally.You''ve got your bonus money for getting us promoted. Half a million. You''ve still got alot of earning potential in your career. Give him what he wants or let him go fair enough.
  17. The new man''s certainly got options. A few good bargaining players in the squad. Useful as part exchange, if he wanted shop out of the championship. Namely Barnett, Crofts, Jackson and Martin. These are essentially Champo players. Curtis Davies he knows and Fletcher from Wolves.
  18. Right. Think about it. Think!................................................Hughton. Chris Hughton! Chris Hughton is better than Curbishley. Chris Hughton is better for Norwich than Curbishley. FACT! REALLY ELF I DON''T THINK SO!!!! WAKE UP TO YOURSELF!!!! You just like the latest fad. Think about it again now.
  19. [quote user="E.L.F."][quote user="Winning 25"]He''s already employed by Birmingham. Not available. Sorry Pete[/quote]And PL was employed by Norwich and BR was employed by Swansea. Brum are bankrupt and in the 2nd division. Why would Hughton want to stay? Sorry git.[/quote] Your Mums not getting it any more from your old man. That doesn''t mean she wants to jump ship and taste new cock, does it E.L.F. Alan Curbishley''s a better bet in my opinion.
  20. Funny we''re bashing Lambert a bit on loyalty. Then suggesting Hughton, Poyet, Robinson, Malky, etc as our next manager. Wouldn''t that be disloyal of them to join us. A stepping stone maybe!... Curbs was loyal for a long time. One of the good guys I guess, No room for that in football. Good guys come last.
  21. He''s already employed by Birmingham. Not available. Sorry Pete
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