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  1. That is bang out of order. Disappointing, especially as you had already been warned.
  2. There's no place for name calling on this thread onion bag. I don't think anyone deserves to be called an idiot. It's not big, it's not clever and it's not what we, as Norwich City supporters do. Can you imagine Daniel Farke calling anyone an idiot? He would never do it. OUT OF RESPECT. Stuart Webber on the other hand would call us all idiots and much, much worse, without any hesitation. That's what we've become is it. Good guys never make it, so we'll be nasty Norwich now? That's very sad
  3. How much sooner? Pre season or before we won the Championship with our record points tally?
  4. Stabbed in the back with gleeful ignorance! Other than Webber, who else in premier league history, has sacked their manager after his first win of the season? Also who else sold their best player apon gaining promotion to the Prem? Am pretty sure the answer is no one else! Webber seems to have thrown the rule book out of the window. His ego has gotten way out of control! Farke was as cool as they come. Now we're being lead by the emotionally unhinged.
  5. People who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones
  6. You and ward 3 both began hostilities by calling me dumb for my initial post. I answer back and now you're playing the victim. Weird
  7. You've made yourself look a right fool here "Oooohhh Webber spends 20 million he must be right!" You can share a slice of humble pie with ward 3
  8. Go and buy Fifa or Football Manger, this season isn't for you. Bet you were so excited when we signed players you'd never heard of. Well now you need to clean that egg off your face, and learn from this experience
  9. A well on clause, what's that? Never heard of it
  10. We also spend millions to sign Placheta and Hernandez though. You cerebral narcissist. Asking because am interested to see how forum members see their progression at the club. If one holds more value. Think they're fairy similar players and not sure if we will keep both.
  11. Rashica and Tzolis play similar positions. Are they upgrades on Placheta and Hernandez? Will the new signings be ahead of them in the pecking order?
  12. 1. Wolverhampton Wanderers 21 48 2 Cardiff 21 44 3 Bristol City 21 40 4 Derby 21 38 5 Aston Villa 21 37 6 Sheffield United 21 37 7 Leeds 21 33 8 Middlesbrough 21 32 9 Ipswich 21 32 10 Preston 21 32 11 Nottingham Forest 21 30 12 Fulham 21 29 13 Brentford 21 27 14 Reading 21 27 15 Sheffield Wednesday 21 27 16 Norwich 21 27 17 Millwall 21 23 Bristol City had 40 points at this stage of last season (21 games).... Only managed 27 more points from the remaining 25 fixtures to finish on 67 and 8 points outside the playoffs. Fulham on the other hand came out of nowhere!! If Norwich have the same form for the remainder of the season as they did for final 25 games of last, and pick up the same points, they will finish on 76 points!!
  13. http://www.football365.com/f365-says/9864996/Norwich-Need-Neil-To-Be-Ruthless..."And the uncomfortable truth is that this Norwich side is not as good as the Leicester team that was promoted with 16 more points." Well we''ll find out next season I suppose.
  14. Emergency loan until the end of the season. Won''t be able to play against us, last game of the season. Any chance of a new central defender coming our way now?
  15. [quote user="Mr Jenkins"]Two of Bournemouth''s next three fixtures against top six, Watford and Derby. Still a very long way to go.[/quote]Interesting.
  16. [quote user="mrs miggins"]There''s a few options: Wigan - Barnet or Ridgewell Blackburn - Hanley (doubt they''d sell him, also would cost a bit) Reading - A. Pearce Notts Forrest - Lascelles -- Realistic signings: Harry Maquire from Hull on loan. Would be my choice.[/quote]Hanley isn''t in the best form recently is he? Blackburn fans don''t seem to rate him. Slow turning circle, not what we need.Lascelles- Think he''s moving to Newcastle at the end of the season. A done double deal along with their goalkeeper for 7 million.Harry Maquire, yes agreed. Unable to get in the team at Hull, but with the injuries they''ve had this season, doubtful he''ll be allowed to leave.Alex Pearce- Liverpool supposedly interest in him as a replacement for skrtel a year or so ago. Do Reading need to sell?Leon Barnett- Good player but too many mistakes in him, which make him not good enough imo. Great in the air, but feel we need a rock in terms of pace, fitness, organisation, position awareness, intercepting and making crucial tackles. Spend 5 million on this player if we have to, as it could be vital come the end of season.[quote user="mrs miggins"]John Soutter has just come to mind, would be a fantastic signing, I think that''s also a doable deal.[/quote]Is he ready to step up? Sunderland and Everton were rumoured to be interest in him in the past.  Turned down Sunderland, because he didn’t want to become another lost Scottish star down south.
  17. [quote user="lake district canary"] If we could get in an extra right back as competition for that position, putting Martin in the middle with Bassong, is I believe the  best chance of establishing a strong back four.  But we need Bassong at his best and the two of them to be communicating well and organising the defence around them well.   [/quote]I feel Martin has to play right back, as he is very good going forward in the championship and links up well with Redmond. I don''t think we could do better than Martin at right back in the championship. I do feel he lack''s the aggression needed to form a a strong CB partnership though.[quote user="lake district canary"]I don''t see how anyone could come in to the first team at CB and immediately establish themselves in that position.  On paper we have the players to do well there.  Our best combination in terms of mobility and skill are Martin and Bassong imo.      [/quote]I feel if it''s the right player with the right attitude, it would be more beneficial than keeping Bassong in or around the team.
  18. [quote user="smooth"] For norwich I would like us to look at a commanding centre half, and a Pacey centre half... We need to look at players, I did like mancienne, but he moved to forest I think with Neil in he will look to Scotland and to where our scouts suggest. To be honest I have no idea what Neil''s transfer record is and what style of player he will look. But the keys from our promotions in the 80''s was that we bought the best players in the championship, [/quote]I like the Michael Mancienne suggestions smooth. He has also scored high on who''s scored.com, but like you said he''s recently moved to Forest.Looking on the Hamilton forum, acciesworld.com, for info on our new manager. Don van Vliet wrote "His team plays a high pressing, tempo game, based on quick passing and an attacking mentality. If you check out the highlights you will see that when the ball comes into the box, there are frequently 4 players in there waiting. This is because he uses his midfield to move forward fast. There is long passing of course, but no ''hit and hope'' nonsense."I think if Neil is to play a high pressing game, a pacey centre back is a priority
  19. Listening to Greg Downs on Canary Call last saturday. He suggested that we''ve never replicated the Mackay/ Fleming CB partnership of 10 years ago. Stating that we haven''t a player, 5''10/ 5''11, who is quick to cover the more commanding, but slower and less mobile, central defender (we have 5 or 6 of them.)If R.Martin is to be primarily playing right back. Who might we be able to bring in to stop teams running right through the middle of us? 
  20. [quote user="city-till-i-die"]Because he''s SHlt[/quote]Nail hit firmly on head
  21. [quote user="cat farm"]spaz[/quote]ok you''ve gone on my hate list
  22. [quote user="Norwich4life"]Binner[/quote]Who Joe Royle or I? The former did a very good job for them. Played very attacking football, which is what we have so craved isn''t it? When Delia and McNally say that we have ''the best supporters in the world.'' They''re they are taking the piss you know
  23. Joe Royle is the most qualified, decorated member of backroom staff Norwich City have ever had..ever! 
  24. [quote user="Jenkins"]Adrian Childs,......what a wonka[/quote]Thank you. He''s been very awkward. Good job we don''t have unpredictable weather here in the UK. Only ten minutes to kick off! The game is crying out for a Roy Keane.
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