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  1. 11 minutes ago, Capt. Pants said:

    We can offer them new contracts but they aren't forced to take them. All 3 will want a salary increase. I'm not sure we can afford that right now.

    We've just sold Aaron, Rashica and Omobamidele for £25 million. The club need to protect their assets. All 3 are starting games and should be made to sign longer contracts or sold in January 

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  2. Would this young team currently be good enough to stay in the Prem?


    Arrons Omobamidele Godfrey Lewis

                           Skipp Sara

          Buendia  Maddison   Murphy




    Krul, Gibson, Giannoulis, Stacey, McLean, Rowe, Nunez, Morris, Redmond

  3. Also said right after he scored the winner, in the 6 years he's known him, he'd never seen him head the ball. Could tell he regretted saying it, as he hesitated towards the end of that statement. That's the problem with commentary, you can't have dead air time, so end up saying more than you should

  4. On 10/08/2021 at 19:39, kick it off said:

    Nah, this post deserved it. Literally asking if the players we're spending millions of pounds to sign are seen as upgrades.... if the answer is no, why the **** would we be spending millions to sign them? 

    Dumb post - deserved the response you gave 👍

    Did it really though, in hindsight?

  5. 14 hours ago, Jersey Canary said:

    Assuming we go down, who are are next set of players that are going to fund our self funding model?

    It’s not going to be Krul, Hanley, Pukki as they will be too old.

    At the end of the season we’ll sell:

    Rachica, Aarons, Giannoulis. I can see us selling Hugill, Dowell, 

    Rupp & Drmic will be released, Gilmore, Kabak, Normann and Williams will go back. 

    this’ll raise £40m plus £15m for Cantwell I’d have thought plus saving lots on wages.

    The next set of saleable assets I’m going for Sorensen, Tzolis, Mumba, Big Andy.

    Hopefully some of the younger players can be loaned out to gain experience and maybe one or two of them might make it.  Tomkinson, Dixon-Peters, Adshead, Rowe, Dennis.

    Plus we’ll buy a couple of creative types and a DM.

    No way should we sell Rachica, if we've any aspirations next season

  6. He played there at Leeds on occasions.  A midfield three of Byram, Normann and Gilmour has Premier League quality written all over it. Albeit an injury prone one. Byram plays the deeper role, allowing Normann and Gilmour more creative freedom, and hopefully more goals. Normann although he can play deep is one of our few goal threats. We need him playing further forward when/if he's back in February. In the meantime give Normann's role to Rupp. Sorensen and McLean aren't good enough to start.

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