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  1. The issue I have with a Sebian film is this. Two scenarios, first one writer goes to movie funding guy, says great idea for a film. About a ex porn star who gets involved in a new art film and has to ape a newborn baby. Like to think most film company''s would call the police at that point. Second scenario, parent comes home to a year old son and says guess what I''ve got you a role in a film, oh great is it Harry Potter? Not quite son, you play an ex porn stars son and at the end of the film your dad rapes you in pretty graphic detail, are you interested? Corrrr yeah dad, sod Dumbledore.
  2. The second is a bout a mental car park attendant who is a fan of the human centipede film and wants to go up a gear from three to a twelve man one. Worth a watch. A Serbian film shows newborn porn, the main actor rep his own young son, that''s the review given and one I object to due to that copy going about that you do actually see it, cut you may not get the full brunt of baby rape and incest.
  3. I think it''s great that there''s new posters and I hope they stick around. I just wish more of them would help Rays Funds. Oh I do thank you Nutty Nigel, I won''t let one paranoid wizard, put me off. I didn''t realize football message boards were about suspicion till Sunday, just planned to join and discuss related topics. How can this guy cast doubts over my club loyalty yet be so offended when another poster makes a point about him not attending games, and he kiks off about that. Hypocryte , not you Nutty Nigel, that paranoid android who passes himself as the forum CID.
  4. I have stood in a 43,000 crowd at Carrow Road, these newbies know jack all about me. Another arrogant patronizing and pompous suggestion that clearly implys users who have joined recently are now not real supporters. I have not missed a home league in 33 years, in 33 years I have only missed 22 away games, yet an armchair fan claims I''ve jumped on the bandwagon this season because I''m new to the pinkun, well fck me what a mong. Perhaps read any post I''ve slagged of Lambert a player or the club in your wizard like mind where the fairy and pixies make you a cup of tea every Saturday at 3pm. First something, class prat springs to.
  5. A Serbien film is not coming into my house, I like dark films, but newborn porn baby rape is a bit much for me. Psycho brilliant, Hitchcock a genius, Frenzy is a great film, old Alf knew a thing or two about suspense. Evil dead is one of my all time Dave horrors, along with Texas chainsaw massacre, Halloween, Witchfinder general. Seen most banned films, more banned in that era due to the shock factor, bit like most sitcoms today wouldn''t ave been commissioned. Human centipede 2 though is pretty pretty pretty horrific, did enjoy it, but never seen anything that bad. Original last house in the left was tame, not sure what Wes Craven was thinking playing the theme tune to carry on camping during a rape scene, but that aside quite tame. Human centipede two defiantly has the shock factor. Anyone else seen it yet or recommend anything a bit twisted, without baby rape foreign film suggestions though as that really is too extreme.
  6. Ignore the fact newbies have had season tickets for years, there post count is low so they must be a binner. Fallen by your own stupidity. Still bet your seat is good for home matches, must e a chore having to turn the Telly up at 3pm. Can''t be a supporter if you are new or a low post count, but you are if you have been on the pinkun a few year. Hope your not all that logical.
  7. Having seen Human Centipede two this evening I would like to know if there is anything that could top how warped that film is? Have s varied film taste but like to slip a horror in now and again, and that viewing was vile. Seen a lot of banned films but never anything as violent as that. Anyone disagree or seen anything worse?
  8. Sorry to change year and slightly subject. Just seen Human Centipede 2, the first was kind of ground breaking shock but not much substance, the 2nd is just plain mental. I have never seen anything as violent as that in my life, could be wrong. Anyone heard of any film more disturbing than Human Centipdede? Back to the original topic, Peter Jackson version of Wind In The Willows is out this year, and i really can''t wait, superb story and kind of been ruined by two tv films in my view, but the David Jaon animated series and film is a family classic.
  9. Here we go, I''m a better supporter than you post, had you down for better than that spartacus. ? Strange, you began this thread by casting suspiision over fans who hadn''t posted much or recently joined jumping on the prem wagon, then have the nerve to come out with a statement like that. As a newbie I find that a little pathetic, you can have a pop at new or non regular posters, but it seems someone pointing out that you don''t attend matches, ruffles your feathers and you take it as an insult to your club loyalty. Join the club of people like myself who read your post and have followed the club through thick and thin for years, but who''s thoughts are dismissed by you due to a low sodding post count.
  10. Haven''t joined long, have a low post count, so I gather I mst have just started supporting the tea, and the last 33 years following them must have been a dream. God damn new posters clearly jumped on the bandwagon and no way, not for one minute joined this forum to discuss NCFC. Must have started supporting Norwich this week. Only problem with that theory is that I haven''t slagged off Lambert or the players, but anyone new who has, has clealy switched club support from Man Utd to City. I only joined Facebook in December, clearly I''m jumping on the Internet bandwagon as well. My email has been valid for 12 years but I jumped on the yahoo train when things got successful. Ignore 33 years supporting the club all over the country, because some guy I''ve never met is suspicious of new users.nout of 27,000 supporters every week, surely only 20 use a City forum, surely? What are the chances that a real genuine City fan would want to Jin a City forum. All to suspicious for me. First Wizard? First Class Conspiracy may be more appropriate.
  11. I really do understand Lambet and the c,UBS attitude towards the cup today. What baffled me as reflected in my own thread and posts since the game, was the fans mentality. Before and during the game hearing fans say they don''t care, and as long as we beat Man Utd next week they don''t care if we go out. Honestly that attitude leaves a bad taste, as a fan you should be excited by the oldest most famous club competition in the world. We have played Man Utd before, we have beaten Man Utd before, we will play Man Utd again, we will beat man Utd again. Have we ever won the FA cup? No, will we ever? Who knows. Maybe not. That attitude pissed me off today, and I understand a performance and selection like that doesn''t always give the fans a kick, but sitting next to people who shrugged there shoulders, and one prat saying stuff about not bothered about watching Leicester because Tthey get to see Rooney close up next week is a bad day in my view, and listening to some commens before and during the game did make me think some people have jumped on the bandwagon, and I really don''t want to moan about fellow ans but that attitude is wrong. I do wonder if some of those are new age fans brought up on premiership big lights and flash names, I hope not. I know what most of you are saying about the premiership is more important financial, but fans near me today the impression I was given was that they saw the a cup as beneath s and wanted to see a big name star on the pitch. I honestly looked around me today and thought why the fock are you even here today. General consensus where I sat today was they were at a reserve friendly against Lowestoft. Having said that today I sat in the Jerrold but only as I''ve been away and didn''t get my usual season ticket seat in time, don''t think I will be returning to that section in a hurry, barely a cheer when we did score.
  12. I think it''s pretty harsh on Morrison, although 1 player will always be singled out after a performance like that. Not saying he played well, I know he had a nightmare, but been reading not fit to wear the shirt, that was his last chance, and Lambert should get rid is mental. Morrison was probably a better performer than Holt at the start of the season, working hard, and even made Ashley Cole look a cart horse in the England V Wales match, he hasn''t suddenly turned crap, don''t think a lot of people really took to him and not sure why, but it always easy to single out a forward. More disappointed with fans attitudes today than the players.
  13. What I say power hamster. Restructure europeon places. Champions league for domestic cup and title winners only and uefa cup for runners up only. Sure a few fans and teams would start to find just the FA cup a bit more romantic again.
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