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  1. Maybe blame the players!!! Maybe the players are just not good enough!!!! I don''t think the manager is the only 1 to blame.
  2. Just a bunch of PLEBS, same as the PLEBS that go on canary call to moan...... Or maybe their scum fans trying to fill their empty life''s.......
  3. Good post nobody, I''m happier having a team that plays well together and gets on, than a bunch of blokes that can''t stand each other fighting about who earns the most....
  4. Hi all, I maybe wrong but I think signings can still be done as other countries transfer Windows are not closed, ie Russia and I think France''s is open till Tuesday. Sky sports report this due to Liverpool not making any signings up front. So maybe still a chance for us. Still there is always some1 out of contract, (Michael Owen)... Still I''m very happy with the signings we''ve made. So let''s get behind hoot''s and the lads and find the positive''s not keep bloody moaning. OTBC
  5. Yeah let''s spend 9million on 1 player that could be a flop or get an injury, or the same on 4 players that help to make a team stronger!!!!!
  6. Omg just done a little wee........ So going to be a let down!!!!
  7. Staying there now till end of the season. McNally just tweeted.
  8. Hey don''t give up sim086 it could all happen in that last hour!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I reakon he might be able to do both!!!!!
  10. Looking likely!!!!!! And loving the word play!!!!
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