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  1. That banner is not going to help the cause one bit. Bin it and put all your anger, disappointment into signing your heart out for the team today. They are going to need it! If at the end of today we get comprehensively beaten by Brentford then it will be time to act.
  2. Norman for me. The only player to have shown fight, passion and determination during this wretched run. The rest are lucky to be in the starting line up let alone given the captains armband. Aarons is another consideration. Always given his all to the cause.
  3. With the injury news update: Krul Aarons Omobamidele Gibson Williams Norman McClean Sargent Gilmour Rashicha Pukki Think he will go Williams instead of Dimi tomorrow for more defensive cover with Hanley/Kabak out.
  4. Like this a lot but can’t see Cantwell starting so would swap him for Rashicha. Kabak and Sargent for Gibson and Idah.
  5. Krul Kabak Hanley Omobamidele Aarons Norman Gilmour Williams Rashicha Giannoulis Sargent Time to change things up. Push Giannoulis further forward as he is much better attacking than defending. Left side strong with Williams providing cover. Sargent focal point with height and strength. Pukki off the bench early second half.
  6. Can’t stand listening to the guy and the tripe he spouts. His YouTube channel is ‘oh look at me’, look at how intelligent and intellectual I am. He’s about 12 years old and talks as if he’s watched Norwich for the last 30 years. Can’t take the guy seriously I’m afraid.
  7. Absolute nonsense, Webber has done wonders for this club. I do however worry about Farke. When he came his philosophy was possession based football. He’s lost belief in that and resorted to long ball/hoofball tactics. When that happens as a Norwich manager then there is only one outcome.
  8. In all the years I have been watching Norwich I have never ever seen them play like that! Pointless, aimless long balls up from the back. We do not have the players to play that way. A sure sign that Farke has lost his way and not confident in his methods. In the summer we brought in expensive wide players yet we have reverted to the complete opposite tactics which would see them thrive feeding Pukki with through balls. If we persevere with long balls then surely Sargent needs to be the CF. Please Farke revert back to the possession based game that has done so well for us in the past and play Gilmour. That game today was crying out for him. Someone to get their foot on the ball and play forward passes into the channels for Pukki, Sargent, Rashicha to run onto to.
  9. Glad Sargent retains his place. Would like to see him start up top in place of Pukki if I’m honest
  10. Krul Kabak Hanley Omo Aarons Norman McLean Giannoulis Rashicha Gilmour Tzolis Sargent
  11. There will be plenty of people willing to invest in Norwich City. Debt free, plenty of assets, huge potential, in the premier league. The facts are that the Smiths don’t want it to happen. Until they do it’s a none starter.
  12. Brilliant interview from Webber. So glad he is associated and working for our club. Very professional, sets high standards and by the sounds of it, fired up for the fight ahead.
  13. If we are not going to try Sorensen how about Williams alongside Norman. Krul Aarons Kabak Hanley Giannoulis Norman Williams Cantwell Gilmour Tzolis Pukki/Sargent
  14. Krul Aarons Kabak Hanley Gianoulis Norman McLean Cantwell Dowell Tzolis Sargent
  15. Sargent would start for me with Rashicha and Tzolis either side.
  16. Hope it back fires for them and they go down as a result. Absolute disgraceful way to run a club.
  17. No chance he’ll be playing in the Championship next season. He’ll either be in the premier league with us or off to another club. Simples
  18. Burnley 1 - 3 Norwich. Pukki, Sargent, Tzolis.
  19. A confidence building 1-3 victory to us. Pukki, Sargent and Tzolis. Everyone’s written off us already, two fingers up at Lawrenson, Ohara and Co.
  20. I would say another DM enforcer is what we are lacking. Norman plus ANother which would then allow our creative players, Cantwell, Tzolis, Rashicha and co to do their business. We are losing the midfield battle every game. Until we can stamp our authority on games we will continue to struggle. Oh for Olly Skipp to return.
  21. Kabak and Omobamidele will be the long term CB pairing.
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