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  1. Mike Walker for me in the time I’ve been watching Norwich. Those European nights and away days at Leeds, Liverpool, Arsenal and Everton will live long in the memory.
  2. Very retro, reminds me of the 70’s kits/colours.
  3. Wonder if he will take over at Werder Bremen. Seen today that their head coach has left due to a fake COVID vaccination certificate!
  4. They are a long way from being promoted to the Championship. A tall ask and I think they will have to average over two points a game to get autos, just can’t see that happening myself. Play off places best they can hope for and then hopefully they’ll bottle it and suffer another season in Division 3
  5. Krul Aarons Omobamidele Gibson Williams Norman McClean Rashicha Gilmour Cantwell Pukki
  6. Pep Guardiola Jurgen Klopp Mauricio Pochetinho Brendan Rodgers Zinedine Zidane Erik Ten Hag Daniel Farke Antonio Conte Diego Simeone Hansi Flick Julian Naglesmann
  7. If Lampard and Smith are having doubts and are ‘unsure’ about taking the Norwich job then Webber should tell them both where to go. If they are not fully committed and up for the task ahead then they are not right for us and what we need now. I want someone to come in who is 100% committed and motivated in trying to stay in this division and building for the future.
  8. Why would Webber just be looking at Lampard, Smith and Knutsen! I am 100% certain these three are not the only candidates being interviewed for the position, why would they be. Such a big decision for the club and one they need to get right. There are some excellent candidates available, Favre, Nuno, Garcia, Tedesco, Martinez, Fonseca. Are the first three mentioned above the best available, I don’t think so and I doubt Webber does to.
  9. Pukki Cantwell Maddison Buendia Norman Tettey Lewis Godfrey Hanley Aaron’s Krul
  10. Lucien Favre would be my pick too. Head and shoulders above all the names mentioned so far.
  11. How about Andre Villas-Boas. Available, premier league experience.
  12. Why is that ignorant? That’s my view on them. And no I will definitely not be watching them.
  13. Two egotistical jumped up so and so’s who should try and get a proper job. Get a job at the NHS and do some good, help others. Stop broadcasting and posting tripe, annoying people. That’s my take on them.
  14. One moment in the game I was screaming at him as left his man unmarked and allowed them to run past unchallenged into our penalty box. No effort or attempt made in tracking back. Only when it was too late did he make any effort. Really poor play on his behalf. Not what you expect at this level when your scrapping for every point. I think going forward he has a real battle in his hands to retain his place in the starting line up. Can see it being Norman, Gilmour, Les Melou.
  15. Lucien Favre or Nuno would be my top picks. Hodgson is a good shout for a short term bet to try and achieve premier league status.
  16. Wow, just wow. Didn’t see that coming after today’s performance. Truly shocked and feel a bit for Daniel. A true gentleman and treated us to some of the best football we have seen in the clubs history. Thanks for the memories Mr Farke.
  17. I wonder where Skipp fits in at Spurs now that Conte is in charge. Any chance we could get him in January. Skipp/Norman/Les Melou would be a tidy midfield three.
  18. No Gilmour is a strange one. If ever there was a game for him to be included then surely Brentford is it. Tzolis I can understand, he looked very raw and nervous last week.
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