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  1. It all makes sense now.Thinking back when we got promoted at Portsmouth the reaction of Lambert compared to Culverhouse was initionally very different. Once the whistle was blown, Ian was overjoyed but Lambert was more concerned with making a point to the referee about something or over. This to me shows how Lambert was just using Norwich as a stepping stone (but in my opinion to a currently worse team).
  2. yeah i know, i have looked through the rest of them and his socks are the only ones that are upside down. weird. trying to working out how that has happened. any ideas?
  3. Has anyone got the offical Norwich city 2012 callender this year. If so, can you spot a mistake for this month with Wes on ? 
  4. Did anyone else see him gesture to Stephen Fry on the bafta stage, " good win " ? how awesome to have 2 Norwich supporters on the stage at the same time !
  5. Is on exactly one goal per every two league games for Norwich, we frickin love Grant Holt!
  6. You can hear them now, "Norwich have done a Swansea to Swansea!!! Great result boys, bring on Leicester next week!
  7. i called through about 30 times, to hear that the volume of calls is too high and call back later. i imagine they have a space for 100 calls in the queue, which is good, because i''m sure to so long ago it used to be around the 15 mark.
  8. i have always found the online ticketing system very unreliable. Much prefer to talk with someone.
  9. I called to get some tickets and when i eventually got through after redialling many times, got in the queue and was in position 96, but it didn''t take me as long as i thought it was going to, so was quite impressed. I think this will be a sell out by how much interest there seems to be.  
  10. Lets just say Mr Dyson from Cromer came along monday morning and said he wanted to buy Norwich City. Is it a good or bad move? or shall we stay as we are with Delia and co. because it obviously is working. because lamberts clearly shows u dont need millions to compete at PL level. or are we a sucker for some cash !
  11. yeah it looks as though sunderland are there for the taking on wednesday and also so we can retain the Friendship Trophy!!
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