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  1. lets get a win today and make ourselves mathmatically safe
  2. didn''t Gunny and Gordon have a bustup on the pitch once
  3. Living overseas it has to be this season as all the games are on TV rather than having to try and find streams
  4. remember fleck and eadie getting sent off in a game against oxford in league cup
  5. One of our strengths this season has been they was we have been able to change and adapt for certain sides. I would expect more of the same
  6. No real shock to me its something which works for both sides. a) From the clubs point of view they don''t want to give out contracts and find we in a have a crash and get relegated (which firmly won''t happen). b) For the players they have a much stronger position once we are confirmed in the Prem next season or if we did go down they were able to talk with Premier League clubs and be available as a free agent
  7. Few points from the Newcastle game. 1) We are not strong enogh defensively to sit back and try and soak up pressure like we tried. 2) Was far to much space between Morison and the midfield 5. If we are going to close down from the front we need midfield to do this also otherwise its too easy for them. 3) Thought we got caught in possession and gave the ball away far to often in midfield, had options to try and break sometimes but went sideways or backwards rather than forwards. 4) With more pressure and 2 up front I think we could have caused their back 4 some problems, when we did get quality into the box the seemed a bit unsure but we didn''t have the numbers to do anything about it.
  8. I''ve watched more of less every game on PL TV over here and every game he is the one who runs most distance, now seems to be confident he is capable at this level
  9. Every time Barnett plays I always feel his has a stupid mistake in him that will cost us a goal. Personally don''t think he is up to Premiership level, he was one of the few who had Prem experience and WBA didn''t think he had it either.
  10. would be a great signing, not sure where it would leave Bennett though
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