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  1. [quote user="Jim Smith"]My worry is not so much whether we will have enough to stay up (although i do think we could do with another quality midfielder) but more to do with whether lambo is getting frustrated at the constraints. I think we all know and accept that he will leave us at some point in the (probably not too distant) future to go to a bigger club and I have no problem with that. he has dragged this football club up from the depths and will no doubt leave us as a financially stable, premiership club. I firmly believe he will one day manage one of the big 5 or 6 in the prem. I also have faith in McNally to go out and find us the right successor. I suppose my slight nervousness is that quotes such as those from Lambo today perhaps re-enforce the inevitability that he will outgrow us sooner rather than later.[/quote]Do you not fear McNally being poached by a bigger club at some stage too?I do not think he will join the same club as Lambert but I can see McNally being offered a job he can''t refuse sooner rather than later also.
  2. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"][quote user="Hog"] I wish people wouldn''t compare us to QPR, they now have millions to spend and a decent manager, it was Warnock and him alone that put them where they are today, I would not be at all surprised if they finished above us now, which I woulg personally hate.....   Have to agree with Wiz to a certain point, I am also worried that unless he is backed more financially he may leave sooner rather than later. [/quote] Not entirely true as Fernandes and his ''advisors'' selected all the players they bought in the summer. If Fernandes had bought Norwich maybe we would now have Joey Barton in midfield. Hard to know if that is something to be sad about or not. [/quote]We could use a Joey Barton in midfield.  He is better than any of the centre midfielders we currently have at the club and would certainly add to what we have been lacking in the centre of the field so far this season.We desperately need to add some quality and strength to our centre midfield options.
  3. [quote user="Tangible Fixed Assets anyone"]Tilly posted: Now let me get this right.....are you saying that Mr Bowkett took you into his confidence and discussed the details of our Chief Executives salary and bonuses with somebody who he had ever heard of or met before ? Well if i was Mr McNally i think i would be a tad upset that this took place.How would you feel Tangible if your financial affairs were discussed to a fellow customer by say your Bank Manager? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are so predictable PC Bully Boy. There are some of us who know our way round the corporate world and know how to communicate with the company (club) in an appropriate manner. Just contact your friend Roy Blower in a couple of days time (as I couldn''t see him earlier to show him some evidence) and he will be able to confirm that I had a meeting with Mr. Bowkett at 13:15 on the 7th January 2012. Alternatively you can contact the club direct. BTW. although you didn''t write it clearly I assume you are trying to make out that Mr. Bowkett and I  had never met me before. Well you do look foolish as we have met before. Once you have checked the facts with Roy Blower you can come back here and make a public apology for infering that I am lying about this meeting.       [/quote]Don''t hold your breath!
  4. [quote user="City1st"]"The only member of our current board who did not back Gunn''s appointment was McNally."maybe because he was not on the board at the time of Gunn''s appointment[/quote]Exactly!
  5. [quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="PurpleCanary"] [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="City1st"]"The only member of our current board who did not back Gunn''s appointment was McNally."maybe because he was not on the board at the time of Gunn''s appointment[/quote]Nor were Stephan Phillips or Stephen Fry........[/quote]   ...or Alan Bowkett. I guess if you''re going to get something wrong you might as well get it spectacularly wrong...[;)] [/quote]Mark (3) was suggesting Bowkett and the Associate Directors supported the Gunn appointment......[/quote]   But, lappin, based on what?!?!?! [8-)]This is presumably just another of Smudg...sorry, Mark3''s fantasies. As far as I know, and I do tend to follow this stuff, Bowkett before he joined the board never expressed an opinion on Gunn''s appointment. If anything, based on his open letter, which bemoaned the fact that we had been relegated to the third tier, the chances he certainly wasn''t keen, at least in retrospect. Having just reread that letter, there is certainly not a word there suggesting Bowkett had backed the choice of Gunn. [/quote]http://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city-fc/vote_of_no_confidence_in_city_board_1_644974?ot=archant.PrintFriendlyPageLayout.ot“The Associate Directors also gave their full backing to Bryan Gunn, Ian Butterworth, Ian Crook and John Deehan wishing them every success.” Bertram, who, with his deputy Alan Bowkett, had made the initial calls for senior heads to roll, said it was time to start afresh. “We have got to pick ourselves up and start from here,” he said. “It was a very open and frank meeting, very positive. “We have got to move forward. It is not good keep harping back. The stall has been laid out and we have to get on with it. “We have really got to get behind the management and give them every possible chance. Ian Butterworth has had experience in lower leagues, Dixie (John Deehan) I am told just works his socks off and goes from ground to ground. “Bryan is a figurehead, a known figure in the industry. “He has got to be given a chance and he has got to be given the support of 20,000 supporters.” Like I say, thank heavens for McNally (a guy with some knowledge of football) being introduced to the board several weeks after these events.
  6. [quote user="nutty nigel"]I think all of us are glad that Delia and the two Michaels were around to appoint McNally. They wouldn''t have been if Tangie and his ilk had got their way. Where do you think we''d be now if they had managed to hound them out?   [/quote]So were you for Gunn at the time he was made manager, or did you always believe that it to be a poor decision?I think I know the answer to that one.Because you are a better fan than the rest of us I suppose you kept it to yourself though?I guess it was all Doncaster and Munby''s fault, even though existing board members supported that decision when it was made?The only member of our current board who did not back Gunn''s appointment was McNally.
  7. [quote user="nutty nigel"]   Tuesday October 27, 2009 1:06 Alan Bowkett 1:07 Sports Desk Pete: You publically challenged how Smith & Jones were running the club back in May. Apart from their obvious love of the club, what have you seen to change your opinion? Can u sit down please Tuesday October 27, 2009 1:07 Sports Desk Pete 1:13 Alan Bowkett: Can u sit down please - I must correct you, I publicly challenged how Neil Doncaster was running the Club. As for Delia and the two Michaels, I think their outstanding contribution has been the appointment of David McNally as Chief Executive - a consummate businessman who has a decade of football experience at the highest level. Paul, David and I are now running the Football Club with the complete support of the substantial shareholders. When we have had to take very difficult decisions, all our substantial shareholders have been demanding in their questioning of our proposals, as I would wish any non-executive director to be and then they have been some of the most supportive non-executive directors I have ever worked with and I can assure you I have worked with a lot. Let''s not forget, I did not seek this job and it was Delia and Michael that realised some fundamental changes had to occur and they spent considerable time persuading me to undertake the task.   [/quote]But aren''t you glad that McNally had the sense to dump Gunn at the earliest opportunity, rather than go along with Bowkett and the Associate Directors Group''s blueprint for success?
  8. "Senior heads must roll" were Bowkett''s words.Bowkett and the Associate Directors Group also rather worringly backed Gunn as manager.Thank heavens we got McNally (a man who understands football involved not long after that I say).
  9. Here it is http://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city-fc/vote_of_no_confidence_in_city_board_1_644974?ot=archant.PrintFriendlyPageLayout.otBowkett and Chums against Delia and her representatives running of the club.The very same thing that you alienate fellow fans for on here so often.
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