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  1. nearly posted the same thing last night, but thought better off it. Should not forget adding Dion Dublin to the list of quality strikers/defenders.  
  2. It is not fortune that the Amex has a train station. It is good design and planning and a decade of hard work. If all the boxes were ticked it would not have had 2 planning enquiries. It is fortunate that carrow road is near the train station as travel planning would not have been a real issue considered in 1935. Neither would flood risk given how close the ground is to the river. Coventry FC paid their money for the train station as part of the section 106 contributions. The project has not gone ahead due to lack of other private funding and government support as I understand it. Is it careless to develope a stadium reliant on another project for its viable use. Yes. Is it Coventry FC fault. No. Does the poor football on the pitch help. No. Does this put into context how inane posts about new stadiums in norwich is.
  3. Ignoring goal differance we are 1 win outside the top 10.  Pretty sure this says everything about the overall attitude of most of tonights posters.
  4. I am sure players like lappin not playing or even making the bench are key to the club on the simple basis that you need enough half decent players to run training games and drills!
  5. when Leicester only have 5 shots on target (according to the BBC) and you still lose 6-0
  6. The saddest thing is all the media state ''former Manchester United player Mark Robins''. Hope he does well, but I get the feeling that Coventry fans will not enjoy League One as much as I did.  It was a real pleasure going to some of the grounds and meeting some of the fans.   
  7. At least when Chelsea, Man City et al spend stupid money they are bringing the best players in the world into England and create some of the best teams in the world in the process who compete for trophies and honours every year.  Getting to see Norwich play against these teams and players and often upset the odds is a privelage. QPR however are still an average side with average players and all the money they have spent will do nothing for them and adds nothing to English football for anybody else. It seems even more stupid given that the manager with all this cash to spend has previously had the opportunity to sign the best players in the world at Man City but got replaced as he did not know what to do with them!    
  8. Barnett Bennett and Bennett for us. Bennett And Benteke for villa to go with Bent!
  9. Barnett Bennett and Bennett for us. Bennett And Benteke for villa to go with Bent!
  10. If he is having a medical, then he wont be going anywhere if Huddersfields docter has any idea what he is doing!
  11. What marquee signings are there that we would want or afford. Much prefer what we have to say qpr who seem to only buy these so called marquee players.
  12. A couple of games against the Icelandic runners up and the champions or Corfu in 4 years time or games against Arsenal, Man Utd et al this year.  Even a trip to Reading will seem like paradise compared to Inverness! 
  13. Not sure there is any shame in coming second best to the likes of Leeds Norwich charlton Southampton Sheffield wed Sheffield utd Brighton. Hardly a list of small poorly funded clubs. He would be my top choice. Young hungry. He knows the leagues we can shop in but knows the premier league from his time as a player.
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