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  1. Maybe said local publication have not been given permission by the Godfather to bless Ayala with a high rating yet? Could it be that the Godfather and his henchmen need to deem Ayala deserving of their praise first?
  2. Was Ayala not criticised by a large number of people on here after the MK Dons game? I thought Barnett/Whitbread/Martin were all supposed to be better centre backs than Ayala?
  3. Maybe this Butler sees the same game as many of our fans?  I don''t think any of us would have been happy if one of our players was shown a red card for such an innocuous looking incident.
  4. Morison came closer than any player apart from Jackson to scoring against Fulham the other day. What did Holt achieve after his introduction?
  5. I think that we should be happy with what we have. Delia has spent a fortune over the last year or two and we will have to wait until next January when she has sold a few more books.
  6. Oh no it''s not justified. How ungrateful are you? You should be publicly flogged.
  7. Sit on your hands and just be thankful for what we have Jas. We are lucky just to have a team, don''t you remember where we were 28 months ago?
  8. Doubt Chris Martin is out of contract. I would''ve thought he had at least another year/18 months to run?
  9. You must have been one of the few who came home hoarse in that case then yesterday.  We hardly blew CR roof off with the atmosphere did we? Like I say many should look a little closer to home before criticising other fans.
  10. Are the same people moaning about moaners the same people who never create an atmosphere and just wait for others to create an atmosphere for them?  Just a little curious.
  11. [quote user="Striker"]Forget about ''where we were two years ago'' for a minute.  Just before we kicked off away to Wigan, had we all knew we''d be 7pts clear of the relegation zone (8pts with our GD) come Jan 1st, we''d all have been delighted (as I''m sure most are).  The problem with some people is that with our current position, the bar has been raised, and they take a very short term view.The only thing anyone should be concerned with between now and May is where we are compared with whoever sits third bottom.  Nothing else matters.Here''s a point to sit up and take note of.  Outside of the top 6, the only teams where we''ve failed to pick up any points are Villa and West Brom.  As our position in the ''relegation mini-league'' indicates, that''s a very good record for the first half of the season.As for Lambert''s comments, I fully agree with him.  We should salute and encourage the players for doing their absolute best - other than Swansea and QPR, they are coming up against seasoned PL players who possess an abundance of savvy and guile.  As we saw with Fulham yesterday, before we gained a deserved point.[/quote]With substantial prize money to be gained for ever place up the Premier League pecking order we finish is it really as clear cut as you state?
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