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  1. I was very fortunate to see city in action for the first half of the season and during that time witness the best and worsed performance from individual players. The best, in attack defence distribution and shooting Diop of Fulham. The worsed, poor distribution slow cumbersome and giver away of countless fouls Helveg of Norwich. Typical city lift the fans up then drop them down being doing the same thing for years. International T.V coverage will not be the same next season. However we loyal fans will be behind them again.
  2. tasmania southern australia and coming 13,000 miles half way round the world to see the city. ?will I be able to get a ticket to the matches at Carrow Rd.
  3. Norwich City v Cardiff City 31/8/1946 Result 2-1 win Scorers Cyril Walker and Billy Furness. Div 3 South. Attendance 20,600. Cyril Spiers ex Cardiff was our manager. Bernard Robinson (still lives in Norwich was in the team). Admission 9 pence for children. 1/6 for adults. Club programmes had both teams printed in the centre page. Drayton British Legion Band entertained on the pitch before the game. A tenor member sang On the Ball City. A guest mace bearer. Threw his mace in the air and having sometimes had rather too much to drink, saw two coming down and made a grab for the wrong one. Much to the delight of the crowd. We kids were passed over top of the crowd and placed down the front against the railings. Seating only in the main stand. Cover over the Barclay and the enclosure in front of the main stand. The club had one recorded disc of Band music "The entry of the Gladiators", which always was played as the teams came out. There have been a few changes over the years.
  4. Yes we could well be up. lets look at how it all happened. The wisdom of worthy. Times past he praised the team but they failed to score goals. In to the team came the youthful Jarvis and Henderson. Boys cannot be expected to do the work of men. Up front former hero Roberts the clock cannot be turned backwards. We bring in the loan players all front men and it works. With more courage we bring in the three new regulars all front men and up we go. The lesson has be learnt you only win games by scoring goals no matter how good the defence is. On the ball city.
  5. As an overseas canary fan thousands of miles from the action I appreciate the commentary provided by Roy Waller. His phraseology is first class coupled with his use of the local dialect. What a pleasant change to hear a commentator acknowledge the mistake of the Ref by describing him as "A poor dear". Whilst the rest of the crowd use less endearing terms. Often with sexual refferences. Match Live on Canary World enables one to have a choice of almost every match in the country and when Norwich have not been playing I have taken other games and believe me Roy Waller is far better than many of the other Commentators. As a follower of the Canaries from as far back as 1946 through good times and bad they are my number one, but should someone on the opposing side perform some extra ordinary skill then it should be recognised by the commemtator. For are we all not lovers of the game.
  6. Even though it means a 2a.m start on Sunday mornings down here in Australia to hear the audio commentary on canaries world match live. It is well worth it and brings we exiles very close to home.
  7. hands off roy waller. some of us on the other side of the world through the internet have our direct contact with the city maches. his humour and match description is far better than that available from some other clubs through the internet medium.
  8. hi folks from down under in the Aussie State of Tasmania. 2 a.m sunday morning is our time via Canaries World to hear Roy and Neil. It might only be an armchair job but it calls for effort.Too far to come for matches but could be in uk next season. up the city.
  9. Very sad to hear on canaries world commentary that the crowd were getting at young Henderson. Things have not changed at Carrow Road when the Grandparents of the present day fans did the same thing to a young player Number 9 in their day. That same Player Number 9 one Ron Ashman went on to be one fo the best servants Norwich City have ever had. If you read this message board take heart young Henderson. Your day will come.
  10. Roberts in city out. When will the manager ever learn
  11. Even from 13,000 miles away it was obvious that the manager playing a star of yesterday up front against W.B.A our attack would be power puff and it would be back to last season''s results and so it proved. It appears that there is a tendency to wrap players in cotton wool these days. Amateurs take a knock work their full time jobs and get on the park for their next game. Not so our overpaid professionals. Where are the Ron Ashmans etc of today.
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