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  1. Follow follow follow We''ve got the best of Leeds scum on show Bradley Johnson Johnny Howson Snodgrass, and Becch-i-oooooooo... Thank me later
  2.                                           Ruddy Martin            Bassong                     Barnett            Garrido   Bennett           Howson (Cpt)                 Johnson            Snodgrass                              Morison                  Jackson     Subs:   Bunn,   Tierney,   Tettey,   Surman,   Pilkington,   Kane,   Holt
  3. Could do this one for the Spanish (and Spanish looking) City favourites...   To the tune of  ''La Bamba''   Ga-Ga-Ga-Ga-Garrido Ga-Ga-Ga-Ga-Garrido Dani Pacheco, Ayala and Lappin Viva Espana... Viva Espana   (Repeat)
  4. [quote]Did you come up with SS3? It''s probably the best suggestion for a song I''ve seen on here. It''s catchy It''s not synonymous with any other club It slags off Ferdinand WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?[/quote] I heard the United version at OT last season when Anderson put them one up against us and remember thinking how good it was. When Bassong signed it seemed a quite natural replacement for Anderson and I just tailored the lyrics from there on in!
  5. To the tune of Agadoo...   "Seb... Bass... SONG! SONG! SONG! Never gets a tackle wrong, Seb Bass SONG! SONG! SONG! Clears the danger all day long. To the left, to the right, in the air or on the deck, He''s the man, fucking grand, and he shits on Fer-din-and!" (REPEAT)
  6. Shame we didn''t sign Becchio, if only so we could sing... ''Follow, follow, follow We''ve got the best from Leeds'' scum on show.... Bradley Johnson, Johnny Howson, Snodgrass and Bec-chi-ooo!!''
  7. [quote user="Scooby"][quote user="Darren Lamb" Yeah I like the look of Phillips too, remember some one here suggesting him before he went to Blackpool. Anyone know why he spent the first part of the season on loan at Sheffield United though, seemed a bit strange to me. quote] A Blackpool supporting friend says Blackpool sent him out on loan because he was too lightweight. Apparently he went to Sheff U, filled out, got stronger and came back on fire.[/quote]   He''s definitely filled out unless ITV were screening the FA Cup hightlights in widescreen Saturday night!   Reminds me of a young Stan Collymore the way he plays the game.
  8. From what I''ve seen of him he seems to tick all the boxes. Stocky, pacey, two-footed, great sense of gravity, and can clearly finish. Could see him slotting in nicely in a three-pronged attack.   I don''t think Snodgrass offers us anything better than that what we''ve already got. If we''re sniffing around Leeds then surely go for Howson.    
  9. Has this lad been mentioned before? He''s the silent assassin of the Championship and scored another impressive brace at Fleetwood on Saturday.   Not an obvious signing so I wouldn''t have thought we''d have much competition should we table a bid.   I''d certainly take him over Snodgrass. Fits the Lambert mould.   Thoughts?
  10. 2nd bump. The two tickets do no not need to come together, so if you have a spare please let me know. Am on my way to the game now so call/text me on 07525359685 to arrange a meeting point. Tks
  11. If anyone has or knows anyone with two spare tickets for the game tomorrow, please let me know. Can meet around the ground for cash exchange. Thanks Rob
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