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  1. Applying* no pressure is what I mean''t to say!
  2. We seem to be no pressure, seriously need to put our foot in more. But a clinical finish from Hooper! Come on City!
  3. I''d take a Redmond who can cross! :D He''s playing very well but his crossing has been poor.
  4. Wes is taking his chance with both hands today. I believe he will sadly sometimes give the ball away but it''s usually because he is trying to make things happen. Impressed with him today. Redmond is also having a very good game. Downside, we still look a little nervous at the back
  5. Need to make the pressure count. We are on top, but need to put the ball in the net, been close. Once we score, I think Palace will crumble.
  6. Team have no confidence, no belief. This is only going to end one way.
  7. Bossing the game (despite a brilliant save from Ruddy) We need to make this pressure count!
  8. We are toothless, no invention going forward & no pressure on the away team. We should be battering at the door right now, but we just keep passing backwards & sideways. Sorry but we are awful, all of the guile from the team has been removed & replaced by tentative nervous football. Anyone that can''t see we are in trouble is clearly looking through rose tinted specs.
  9. I appear to be the only one that thinks he''s a bit rubbish? We have much better players in the squad than him, so a no thanks from me. But then what do I know?
  10. Despite the read card, we still look poor, no one seems to know what to do with the ball. They want some width, Snodgrass on at half time please
  11. Hull coming in to the game a little now. Think nerves are playing a part in their performance at the moment.
  12. Early chance for Fer, should have buried that! Good positive start though
  13. http://www.viplivesports.eu/sports/football.html
  14. [quote user="homeagain"]Can i have a link please[/quote] Have PM''d you bud
  15. I have PM''d those after links. Shocking goalkeeping for the second Norwich goal, but that''s now 2 for Hooper! Brag 0 - 2 Norwich
  16. I like Bennett, but he makes me nervous. In the current games he''s played there''s been quite a few occasions where he''s gone to clear it & has literally just put the ball straight up in the air. He also likes to lunge in / get tight when there is no need. But I think he has done absolutely fine, and a lot of what he does is possibly down to nervousness & inexperience but I do feel more comfortable with Bassong & Turner. I''m sure if he continues in the team he will only get better which is fine by me, but just needs a little more composure when it comes to clearing & distributing the ball.
  17. I have to be honest, most of what is written on there is quite respectful & not disrespectful in any way. Most seem to think the odd goal will win it or be very happy with a draw as I think we will be in fairness. As for their front line, yes Ramirez is class & I also rate Lambert but the other two the jury is still out for me. I''m not saying our forward line is better, I still think Snodgrass has to do a bit more & Pilkington is currently going missing for long periods in games. But I wouldn''t change either of those for Lallana or Puncheon. Not saying they''re bad players, just think Snodgrass & Pilkington for me have a little bit more about them but maybe at the present time are not firing on all cylinders.
  18. No sure how I feel about this signing, seen him play on numerous occasions for Spurs & Wolves, always seemed a bit shaky to me. I''d like to be proven wrong but this does not fill me with confidence. But as always I will get behind the team & this now includes Bassong! OTBC!
  19. Dreadful game, we looked like complete strangers. Almost on par with the Sunderland result a few weeks back, nobody was at their best today & we have lost to a fairly average Championship team at best. Too much hoofball & some rather strange substitutions & team selection from Lambert. Was Holt suspended/injured as it''s quite clear he should have been involved today. And why bring on Johnson for Fox? Very poor & very pissed off, dreadful.
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