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  1. @crafty canary Thanks for all the support during a tuff season! I wish nothing but the best to all that''s yellow!!! Let''s get back to the prem ASAP I won''t say goodbye. To all the @NorwichCityFC fans. See you... It has been a tuff year and we all agreed that it was best to go out on loan for a season long. I''m happy to arrived @ASSEofficiel That doesn''t mean I won''t miss @NorwichCityFC and the people that made us feel like home https://twitter.com/RvWolfswinkel9
  2. Confirmed Today: http://www.canaries.co.uk/news/article/20140805-gary-oneil-signs-1806121.aspx
  3. The kid looks good but I''m not sure that some of the opposition he''s played against is as good you''d see in the Championship or Premier League. It''s easy to do stuff like that when you have all the time in World on the ball, not so easy when you don''t. Think he''d get found out very quickly in the EPL or Championship.
  4. I agree with Matt, it''s movement off the ball, that''s what we lacked last season. Too often players were standing around waiting for something to happen, rather than running in to space or pulling defenders out of position with a run. You can have all the attacking flair in the World but if those around you don''t move, make intelligent runs & make space for you, chances are you won''t score very many goals or make many opportunities for your team mates.
  5. This still has me in stitches after many many viewings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_X_7TrcHGM Staged or not, this is comedy at it''s very best. RIP Rik, you will be missed by so many
  6. @Ray - GingerPele didn''t say that Jonas Gutierrez didn''t have a Twitter, he said that Elmander doesn''t have a Twitter so how could he attack Gutierrez on Twitter without an account.
  7. That was done quickly, had a good season in League One & had a better season in the Championship, 22 goals is nothing to be sneezed at! Does this spell the end for one of our current strikers though?
  8. Got a good eye for goal, sadly the wrong one though...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oP3jbpcCo2E
  9. Why does every thread on here descend into name calling & constant one-upmanship? Really don''t understand it at all!
  10. I thought it was an honest & at times quite brutal assessment of our season. He clearly has the clubs best interests at heart and by his own admission, the board heap too much pressure on our then current manager Chris Hughton to do everything. Or at least that''s what it appeared to be saying to me. Looks like the club will be doing a little restructuring behind the scenes to take some of the pressure away from the manager which I feel can only benefit the new guy whoever it should be. Also good to know that every player has a relegation clause in their contract with regards to their wages & not a transfer fee! Lets see which path the club takes now. OTBC
  11. Head says tonight but heart is saying Sunday, I''ll be checking the score although the last time I did that Sunderland won 1-0 at Old Trafford! Maybe I''ll just turn my phone off!
  12. I still have hope, especially as it seems like a lot of Baggies fans are desperate to finish above Villa. Lets hope this is motivation for the players also!
  13. The World''s not against we''ve just been poor all season. We are where we are due to our own inconsistencies & it''s up to us to haul ourselves out of it!
  14. On Sky right now, game being played at a very high tempo, makes you wonder why Norwich don''t do the same? Can''t see this remaining goalless, score draw though hopefully!
  15. Shocking, Man United were no Barcelona today but the way we play we make everyone look like World beaters. Is it possible for Sunderland vs Cardiff to end with neither team getting any points? :P
  16. He did have us down for a 1-1 vs Liverpool.
  17. It was never going to be an easy game, but they are not the team they used to be. We have just as much chance as anyone playing there at the moment, we need to start well, that''s the most important thing. I''m remaining hopeful.
  18. I was at the beam back to Carrow Road with my father who is sadly no longer with me. I will remember that night for as long as I live, not only for the result but for one of the greatest moments I spent with my father, was a truly great night!
  19. If West Brom can win there, keeping in mind they hadn''t beaten United since 1984 & not at Old Trafford since 1978, why the hell can''t we go there & win? It''s still a good time to play them & I hope we can get a result. OTBC!
  20. Post something similar again, seems to make him score! :P
  21. Worst team in the league, won''t be surprised to see us finish bottom. Can''t defend & can''t score, awful.
  22. I don''t think Redmond''s got the footballing brain to be a CAM, that for me would be a perfect Howson role, but I like those line-ups.
  23. [quote user="mrs miggins"]not a bad first half adycakes? we''re 1-0 downing the most important game of the season[/quote] Yes, we played well, the worst thing to do would let your heads drop & not do the things that were creating the chances. It''s 1 goal, we on the balance of play should be able to manage that. There are still 4 more games after this, I''ve seen the team play much worse than this, I''m trying to remain calm rather than outright panic!
  24. Not a bad first half, but we MUST take our chances! We are so incredibly shot shy that it''s almost laughable. Fulham are there for the taking, I truly hope we can turn this around in the second half. Fer may need to come off as he is risking being sent off!
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