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  1. We already have Bassong, so if he wants to play for us I''d pick him every time. He''s younger, fitter & left footed which is a rarity in a CB. Plus Huth is not immune to getting himself in trouble either, maybe this is why Stoke want rid: http://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/jan/14/stoke-robert-huth-charged-fa-twitter-posts
  2. He was bought for 12m though, when was the last time we spent 12m on one player? ;)
  3. I''ve looked at the tweets & I don''t think he''s moaning, he just seems desperate to play which is understandable. Mar Bunn seems like someone who actually wants to play football rather than sit on his arse collecting his wages, maybe the club can sort a loan move for him or move him on if they feel Rudd is now indeed our No.2.
  4. I saw John Ruddy in his Range Rover dropping his child off at school on Ipswich Road. This was at about 8:30am, he didn''t look like he was in a rush so I''m assuming training doesn''t start till later on in the morning, 10 or 11am maybe?
  5. I met Phil Mulryne, Iwan Roberts, Paul McVeigh & a few others in Delaney''s. The current manager I was working for at the time was Irish so we spent a lot of time in there after work and all of our staff parties subsequently were there also. Often saw players in there but never really found the courage to go & talk to them, until my drunk manager befriended them & I was introduced on a night out. Shook Phil Mulryne''s hand had a quick chat but then got a bit star struck so I made a quick exit back to the safety of the group I was with. :) Whilst working at HMV I served quite a few players, Paul McVeigh, Leon McKenzie, Peter Crouch, Craig Fleming & Darren Huckerby. I got Huckerby to sign a copy of Championship Manager 4 for me, which I still have today. :) Brian McGovern also came into HMV & bought a games console, but was a bit of a twat and shouted at one of the staff because she didn''t know about the console bundle he was buying. Also met Malky Mackay & Craig Fleming in a pub, think it was the Hog in Armour, they were playing darts. I saw Mattias Jonson & Thomas Helveg wandering around the city centre during the day, but didn''t get a chance to say hi to them.
  6. Tough one to call, I think if the shoe was on the other foot, we would be a bit disappointed that we didn''t get it. But I truly cannot see clearly what happens there, it does look like the player just runs in to Hooiveld, but all a bit clumsy to work out who was at fault.
  7. Shocking defending today, sadly I think it''s game over now.
  8. With the size of our squad there can be no excuses for playing players who are out of form. Something we saw under Hughton is that even though players clearly weren''t performing they will still being picked. It would be good to see the squad rotated when a players form dips, it should hopefully keep people on their toes also. For instance right now I feel Lafferty''s place in the team is under threat, he has people breathing down his neck for a starting place. Right now though our squad is looking very good, very pleased.
  9. He''s been nominated for the award, but he hasn''t won it yet. I feel it will go to Pearce, but Neil Adams has done very well.
  10. Hey, Is anyone else having trouble with this site today, pages failing to load, posts not being submitted .. etc Is it having a meltdown because it''s deadline day?
  11. I have no idea if this is true or not but Scott Sinclair is rumoured to be on 45k a week, as he was linked to West Brom for a loan move last year: http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/west-brom-step-up-pursuit-2157241 But naturally we have no idea if this is true!
  12. Sadly I think his best days are behind him, a few years ago he would have been an unbelievable signing but now not so much as he seems to have lost his hunger for the game. Plus he has just rejected a loan move to Birmingham as he doesn''t want to play Championship football: http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/hatem-ben-arfa-rejects-loan-7698238
  13. There is no denying the lads talent, he shouldn''t let a few people get to him, you need pretty thick skin as a footballer. I also feel the comments regarding E. Bennett is a little harsh, he has just returned from a very nasty injury & whilst he hasn''t hit the ground running he did show glimpses last night of what''s to come from him.
  14. Ha Ha, tell me about it. Thinking of cancelling, it''s way too much these days to have a Sky subscription.
  15. Sky reporting the fee as just under 5 million, good business? ....while Anthony Pilkington should feature for Cardiff after arriving from Norwich for just under £5m... http://www1.skysports.com/sky-sports-today 14:19 Championship Fixtures
  16. I guess we will have a better indication if he is in the squad for tonight''s game. Unless of course it''s confirmed he''s signed before then?
  17. I would just like to know what''s going on, one minute he''s training with us, then Sky reports he''s having a medical.... again! I''ll be quite happy when the window is shut, fed up with the endless speculation.
  18. Good news, looks like Fer will still be here for tomorrows game. I''d love it if we could keep hold of him, he''s a definite cut above the rest of the Championship.
  19. He''s a big unit, but not a particularly quick one. If he & Turner were to start against quick opposition I''d be a little worried but I assume that won''t be the case too often.
  20. I agree, our midfield at times was completely bypassed, no one was making challenges & Wolves were just strolling through the middle of our ''powder puff'' midfield. I did however think Lafferty did well when he came on & made an absolute nuisance of himself which was at least more than some players did that day. I was also surprised Pilkington did not play & I guess he may have burnt his bridges now with ''that tweet''. On the surface our club looks rotten at the moment, but I guess we will never know what happens behind the scenes.
  21. So disappointing. Midfield look like strangers, Grabban looks pissed off & everyone else looks laboured & disinterested. We are making Wolves look like World beaters. Need changes at half time, we can''t be as bad as that in the second half can we?
  22. Same problem as last season, no ideas going forward & our strikers are isolated / frustrated. Midfield getting bypassed far to easily. Need a change in personnel at the break.
  23. Midfield getting bullied at present, diamond not proving very effective right now.
  24. I see nothing special about Lee Chung Yong, I prefer a fully fit Pilkington. Of course I''m not the manager & I don''t make the decisions, but for me this would be a downgrade.
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