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  1. No Tettey needs one more booking before he is suspended as I believe he currently has 9 bookings.
  2. They wanted 7m to 8m+ for him! Dear me, transfers are ridiculous this year.
  3. Derby have just bid 4m for Jacob Butterfield. Don''t think you''ll be seeing Johnson leave this window.
  4. 14m is a lot for a player not proven in the Premiership, but at 22 he has time on his side in terms of development & possible resale value. Also noticed that Bournemouth have been linked with Austin this morning. Given up on Grabban after making him throw his toys out of the pram? All in all, I''ll be glad when this transfer window is closed, it''s been nothing but a distraction.
  5. His touch & link up play is superb, if he was just a little quicker he''d be one hell of a player. And I too thought he had a good game last night. I''d be sad to see him leave, even on loan, I still think he has a part to play in our season. Right now I feel we need all strike power we have.
  6. And what goes on behind the scenes. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/9921213/how-a-transfer-works-from-the-scouting-to-the-signing
  7. Things might be happening, from Sky Sports this morning: CANARIES IN FOR ALONSO Another line from the Premier League – we’re told Norwich are to bid €3m for Fiorentina left-back Marcos Alonso. The 24-year-old helped keep Sunderland up two seasons ago at the Canaries expense.
  8. There you go: http://www.canaries.co.uk/news/article/alex-neil-norwich-city-new-contract-2494792.aspx
  9. Yeah, sadly you cannot rule out ''stupid'' when it comes to things like this. Absolutely, I''ve been watching the highlights of my favourite games on YouTube to pass the time, but I''m rapidly running out of games. There''s only so many times you can watch the Wembley final! :)
  10. I''m not saying I believe him, but I can see why some people might. He has no track record of doing something like that & his Twitter is full of love for his family, friends and retweets for fans as you''d expect for someone in the public eye. Only John Ruddy knows the truth, we can only speculate, but I''m able to see both sides here.
  11. The fact he has never posted anything slightly offensive about anything!
  12. Looking at his Tweets on his account he has never posted any kind of joke or anything remotely like that in the entire time that account has been active. I suppose he could of potentially deleted them, but a lot of work to cover his tracks. It is completely out of character, but did he do it? Only he would know really, but there is evidence to suggest he is telling the truth.
  13. I agree with Bethnal, I wouldn''t want anyone from the relegated clubs. We need to improve on what we have, Elmohamady is not an improvement.
  14. He was totally unplayable yesterday, led the line so very well and caused what was a very good defence no end of problems. Was rightfully MOTM, but Redmond pushed him very hard for that, although to be honest everyone played their part in what was a fantastic result. Still buzzing! OTBC!
  15. For those talking about the pitch size, Wembley is the same size as Boro''s Riverside & we all know what happened when we played up there. I think the only real way you can beat Boro, is to score first. If you don''t they are capable of shutting up shop & frustrating you all game long. But get in front, then they have to open up a bit, that''s the only way I can think that Fulham got 4 goals past them. Much like yesterday, the first goal will be vital! Hopefully we have learnt from the Wigan & Boro home games & we won''t allow them to get their noses in front.
  16. I think there is a danger of it being ''toxic'' tomorrow, especially for the losers. Hopefully it''s not the case but you can see it boiling over. Also after the incidents of fans being attacked (Nick Cruwys & Simon Dobbin more recently) after a match, I''d rather people were safe. No one should go to a football match & not come home.
  17. Alex, he''ll have the best seats in the house to watch it now I''m sure. My brother is attending the game as I sadly cannot make it, but I will certainly be raising a glass to your Dad, and hopefully toasting to a Norwich victory! Hope your journey is a safe one on Saturday, and if you need a chat or anything just drop me a PM or something. Happy to have a chat with another Norwich supporter & can certainly lend an ear if you just need to talk. Keep your chin up soldier.
  18. @Alex - Sorry for your loss my friend. My Dad passed away a few years ago, I kept his season ticket running after he passed in his memory. Was lovely to sit where he used too & talk to the people around him, made things a little easier for me. Hope you''re coping ok, or at least as well as you can at this time. Thoughts are with you & your family.
  19. To say he has cost us is largely unfair, he has made some great saves that have not only won us points but helped the team on the run that saw us narrowly miss out on automatic promotion. I can think of Cardiff, Brentford & the Ipswich league (Carrow Road) meeting where he made crucial saves which could have changed the results of those games entirely just off the top of my head. On Saturday it was a collection of errors as others have correctly pointed out that led to the goal. Martin''s header was poor, he could have put it anywhere other than at Freddie Sears feet! Then Ruddy possibly could have done better with the shot, especially considering the shot he held at Carrow Road from Sears which was far more venomous. But there was an element of luck (or lack of in our case) about how the goal was conceded. I would expect Ruddy to not be happy with his part in it, but again if he hadn''t made that double save things could have been much more different & we could be looking at overcoming a deficit at Home rather than being level pegging. On Saturday, Martin did have a poor game, if you watch the highlights, the double save was also a result of a another poor Martin clearance. But it is a team game & Ruddy bailed him out with the saves. On another day, Martin or Olsson might have cleared the ball after Ruddy had spilled it, but alas on this occasion they did not, but that''s football. It''s a game of fine margins & if it wasn''t for defensive lapses, you would hardly see any goals, you just hope it''s your team that benefits from them not the other way around. To summarise, I wouldn''t change Ruddy for another keeper in this league, I''m very happy for him to remain our No.1 even if we are promoted. On to Saturday now where the team will need our full support, every single one of them! OTBC!
  20. Why do we bother replying to this guy? (Yes I''m aware of the irony of this post) He disappears for weeks on end when we leapfrog them in the league & their playoff push starts to stall, and then miraculously reappears when Ipswich limp into the playoffs & we don''t make the automatics. If he genuinely wanted to talk about ''football'' he''d stay & defend his team when things weren''t going so well. But even then, posting on your rivals forum isn''t going to get you much sympathy, but he''s quite happy to be billy big bollocks when they are, guy is just a troll. Best to just ignore it, it will go away. TWTD is that way! ---------------------> End Rant.
  21. Martin has been awful, looks nervous & has just cost us. Terrible header. Shocking!
  22. No need to apologise, it''s all good. :)
  23. @Molly Windley, Mings is a left back & even if he was a right back as you suggested it wouldn''t have been Redmond or Benno facing him, it would have been Olsson & Johnson. :)
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