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  1. Got an Everton supporting mate who was disappointed to see Naismith go, he''d much rather they shipped out Kone. Said he''d be a great signing for us & when I heard about it I was thinking the same. But when I said how awful Naismith has been for us so far, he sounded surprised & could only assume that the way in which we setup just doesn''t suit Naismith. Maybe there''s some truth in the fact that we are trying to shoehorn Wes & Naismith into the same team & just isn''t working right now? If he was to leave, who do we replace him with? Or do we even need to sign someone else to replace him as he''s been largely ineffective for us.
  2. I think what got to me was that his attitude just wasn''t right, he was walking around the pitch like he was Ronaldo. And very often just jogging back and lazily putting a foot in when Wednesday attacked. In this league you need to work hard, you cannot afford to carry any players, everyone must be prepared to put the graft in. On Saturday evening I did not see that kind of display from Josh. Now it''s foolish to write him off after one game, especially as no-one played particularly well that evening. But to me, he has a little bit of Patrick Bamford about him, which is a kind of arrogant swagger. Now having a swagger is fine, IF you have the unquestionable talent to back it up. I''m not sure either of these players do, at least not right now. We will see how his season progresses.
  3. Not sure if he''s injured but Forest fans are speculating that he''s probably off!
  4. I can only assume Darragh MacAnthony is talking him up for a hefty transfer fee as they possibly have a sell on clause which he''s hoping to cash on in! Or call me cynical? :P P.S It was 4-3, not 4-2, why can''t reporters get simple things right?
  5. Bid rejected as we all expected. From Sky Sports: FORESTIERI BID REJECTED We understand that Derby have made a £7m bid for Sheffield Wednesday striker Fernando Forestieri.
  6. #ncfc AN on #olsson : ''most lads want to play in the #bpl. The reality is he was part of a squad that wasn''t good enough 2 stay there.'' Olsson will start on Saturday. :)
  7. Someone is trolling as Sky Sports I think, Ipswich have enquired?? What are they going to buy him with? NORWICH IMPROVE MCCORMACK BID Sky Sources understand Norwich have made an improved bid in excess of £10m for Fulham striker Ross McCormack. We understand Fulham are considering the offer. Ipswich have also made enquiries about the player.
  8. I think it''s a game we can win if we play like we have over the last few weeks. The only thing that worries me the most about this game is the pace Palace have in their team. Pace is one thing we do tend to struggle against. But Palace are in terrible form right now & they''ve lost their last 6 Home games, the last win for them at home was against Southampton in December. They also have some very tough games coming up with the likes of Everton, Arsenal & Man Utd so they will see this as a must win, although a draw for them wouldn''t be the most awful result. I''m hoping for an unchanged side & heart says 2-1 to Norwich, but head says draw 0-0. This is a great chance to put some real distance between us & the bottom 3 with a win and keep this run going. I just hope we can do it! OTBC!
  9. He did a lot of things well on Saturday, one of the best things he was doing was stopping the crosses into our box. I lost count of the amount of times he got a foot or leg to the ball to cut out a crossing opportunity, great stuff. That is possibly the best I''ve seen him play & for me, we should now settle on the back four that played Saturday for the rest of the season.
  10. 2 - 1 to Norwich, I have a sneaky feeling about this one. :D
  11. Sorry to say but we are looking like a relegated team now. We have paid the price for not getting it right in the Summer, so so poor. Chumpship here we come!
  12. He looks an awful lot like Wes in how he plays, lots of twisting & turning with an eye for a pass. Looks like he has a bit of pace too! This is a great video showing him progressing up youth team captain to first team regular during the course of the 2014/15 season. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll4pKNSsIvw
  13. SSN: Norwich are waiting for an answer over their bid to sign Chelsea''s rising star Patrick Bamford, reports the Daily Mirror. The report suggests Alex Neil has made a permanent move to sign the 22-year-old, who is interested in a move to Carrow Road.
  14. We are simply not good enough & will be relegated.
  15. We are fucking rubbish & deserve to be relegated. To score 4 goals at home & not at least get a point is a fucking joke!
  16. £9M CB sitting on the bench wondering what the hell he''s let himself in for! We are beyond rubbish, this Liverpool team is garbage & we have gifted them 3 points. Absolute joke. 2 clean sheets in our last two home games, put Russell Martin at CB, concede 4!
  17. Think they may have jumped the gun a little: Norwich manager Alex Neil has had his say on Gary Hooper’s potential move away from Carrow Road. He said: "Negotiations are ongoing and we''re not far away." Seems it''s going to happen as we all expected, but not official yet. :)
  18. Watford are just knackered, nothing sinister in this at all, they seem to play roughly the same 11 every week, which by all accounts, has worked up until now. Deeney & Ighalo have worked their socks off & along with a good slice of luck for Ighalo they have both bagged some important goals in the process. Whilst watching the game last night I was expecting a sub or two around the 60 - 65 minute mark to freshen up their strike force or midfield, but was even more surprised when he changed a right back, for a right back! It was then that I realised that they didn''t have anyone on the bench to freshen it up with! I''m sure they will address this in the transfer window & it would take a massive capitulation from them to be relegated now, but at the moment they are truly off form and rather than looking up the table, they are now looking down.
  19. If he''s left footed this is one hell of a goal with his weaker foot! Maybe he''s comfortable with either foot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XN-vhY3foH8
  20. Not sure if you''re trolling, but it was Bassong''s back heel that setup Vossens volley. Martin could have closed him down a little quicker but he is hardly at fault for that. Full game can be viewed below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_M9Vj9ZRXG8
  21. We really are pathetic, once again the fans are let down by a lacklustre, rubbish performance. Absolutely dire!
  22. On SSN now, fee roumoured to be 4M. That''s a good signing for them, shame he would never have come here. I''m guessing Pelle is off then?
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