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  1. Bit early to say I think. Whether our midfield is any good surely depends on how they play together. Three of them played together at Elland Road and they didn''t exactly set the world alight.
  2. [quote user="Oli_NCFC"]i find it strange that a manager who was idolised by the fans has now left and the most idolised player in the squad wants out too, i know a lot of people see Mcnally as a hero but i cant help wondering what''s going on behind the scenes. [/quote] I agree.  
  3. [quote user="Ncfc"][quote user="Gareth"][quote user="Ncfc"]If you want to be a Premiership club somewhere along the line you have to sign Premiership class players and pay Premiership wages , unfair on Lambert to expect him to keep signing Championship and League 1 players and be able to keep us up . I do not think we are really a top flight club , our finances scream middle of the Championship , and how much better off will we be after relegation next season  ? maybe a few extra million to Lambert now would in the long run have been a better investment than another decade in the Championship , [/quote] It''s all well and good saying we need to spend more money, but unless you know where we can get more money then you argument has no point. [/quote] This is the Premiership with its multi millions where even teams like Swansea fork out £7 million for players yet when it comes to us its always no money and £2million bargain bucket signings , the Premiership is a windfall it seems to every team bar City , was the same story when we last went up under Worthington , cheap crap signed then spent a little in January when  it was all to late . [/quote] I suspect that the problem is as much to do with not paying the current playing staff what they are actually worth, now that they have Premiership experience. I wouldn''t be too surprised if John Ruddy was next to ask for contract re-negotiations......swiftly followed by a transfer request.
  4. [quote user="Willmeister"]I think the OP is lying and here is the reason. Under FA rules no Club from England can approach a player playing for another English club until his contract is a month from ending. Whitbread will be under contract until 30th June, meaning that the earliest an English club can offer him a contract is 31st May. Sunderland may have sounded him out, but there can be no official approach until 31st May. Whitbread also stated on twitter that he wants to stay but hasn''t been offered anything yet, and as we know PL is going to sit down with all the out of contract players this week and either offer them new deals or tell them they are free to find new clubs. [/quote] Agree with this. Unless PL and Zak are both lying, no contract talks have been held so far. I have no doubt Zak would be pursued by other clubs as he would become a free agent. I hope he is offered a decent contract and stays. If he is then offered a better deal somewhere else then who could blame him for leaving? Anyway, what about PL offering Zak a completely rubbish contract and then going to Villa and signing him on a Bosman.......? PL wouldn''t do that would he?
  5. [quote user="Shyster"][quote user="Julius Sieze-Her"] As he seems to be much sought after by other clubs it could be considered to be a mistake to let him go. [/quote] It would be considered a mistake to keep him if his severe injury proneness is going to render him fit to play half a season. If it''s an increase in wages he''s holding out for then I''d prefer to let him go and pay the higher wage that somebody like David Wheater of Bolton would demand - that''s assuming Bolton go down. He''d be worth every penny of the 4-5 million I reckon he''d go for. [/quote]   I don''t think Wheater is better than Zak. In any case, a £4 million fee equates to over £25,000 a week for a 3 year contract....and then wages on top. IMO better to offer Zak a contract (and according to PL he hasn''t been offered one) and also urgently look at City''s training methods so not so many of our players keep getting injured in training.
  6. I''m not surprised other clubs are interested in Zak. I hope he hasn''t already played his last game for City. He is our best CB by a mile IMO.  
  7. Thing that annoyed me the most about the second yellow was the stupid grinning face on Clit-enberg as he theatrically raised the yellow and then the red card while staring Holty smugly in the face. Holty should have chinned him on the spot and taken a five match ban.
  8. I think all the players have been tremendous this season considering there was very little Premiership experience in the squad. In the end I''ve voted for Zak. He has been immense since returning from injury and I think City look a much better team when he plays. Just hope PL sorts out a contract for him to stay.
  9. To be fair to Wardy, I''m sure he was under a fair bit of pressure in the first half as the lone central defender. And the positioning of the receiving midfielders didn''t always help although a couple of passes were sloppy. He looked far more comfortable (and played very well) in the second half when City reverted to 4 at the back. It''s a pity Wolves managed to sneak a goal while City were dominating with 3 at the back. I thought the movement of the whole team in the first half was excellent. They might have to try that system a few more times for players (particularly Wardy) to get used to it, but it looked good when it worked.
  10. If Drury is available I would play him on left and Naughton on right - not convinced about Kyle playing on left side - comes inside too often and slows things down. Ruddy Naughton, Ward, Whitbread, Drury Pilkington, Fox, Surman Hoolahan Holt, Jackson
  11. I am convinced that so-called top refs are told by their publicists to make controversial decisions so they can ask for more money for their autobiography when they stop reffing......well it seems that way.  
  12. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"][quote user="fellowyellow"] [quote user="Sports Desk Pete"]More here [/quote]   Thanks for the link. Interesting reading. Sounds like Zak would be happy to stay. Let''s hope his agent isn''t looking elsewhere. [/quote] It sounds more like the club are wondering whether to extend the contract of a player with an unfortunate injury record. Especially with the arrival or Ryan Bennett. [/quote] Agreed. I would have thought Zak would get a contract elsewhere easily enough though, especially on a Bosman.
  13. [quote user="Sports Desk Pete"]More here [/quote]   Thanks for the link. Interesting reading. Sounds like Zak would be happy to stay. Let''s hope his agent isn''t looking elsewhere.
  14. [quote user="Nuff Said"]The consensus sees to be that we should have played to our strengths more and tried to out-pass Stoke - but isn''t that what Swansea tried, and failed at? [/quote] I think there''s a difference between Swansea''s normal game of passing ad nauseum regardless of whether it''s getting you anywhere and Norwich''s (normally) more incisive game. Stoke are just spoilers with their stop/start pump it up in the air rubbish and fouling/pushing anyone who jumps anywhere near the ball. Michael Oliver must have seen the constant fouling by Crouch and Walters. Unfortunately, we tried similar tactics, but aren''t as good (bad?) at it. It was only when Norwich started playing the ball along the floor in the last ten minutes that we looked anything like our normal selves. I couln''t watch Stoke every week even for free. Even so, a point was there to be had. A pity we couldn''t hold on.
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