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  1. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Crofts was brilliant last season, early contender for POTS. Still playing pretty well this season, not quite as effective but still useful. I like him, but he needs to cut his hair.... Bennett is pretty good, don''t think he''s hit top form here yet though. Doesn''t seem to keen to try and run past players, i''m sure if he ran at defenders a bit more he would be successful, instead he just gets involved in the passing movements. Were yet to see him score yet either, I here he scored a few crackers at Brighton.[/quote]Elliott scored some screamers but he was never a wizard at getting around the back. His passing tho was top drawer and created loads of goals for our traitor Murray and Barnes
  2. We miss them dearly, especially Elliott. How they doing with you and the Premiership?
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