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  1. Would he do a better job than the current incumbent in getting City back up ? There is a public outpouring of grief on Radio Humberside at the moment.
  2. Forget Lawrenson, Robin Friday''s antics are of legendary proportion....rounding the Everton Keeper and flicking the V''s in celebration, getting impaled on railings after a drunken binge......
  3. Robin Friday was a legend in his Cardiff and Reading appearances. I believe that the late Clive Thomas said that Friday had the most spectacular talent he had ever seen. However, his antics, such as diving into a hotel pond and appearing naked with a swan under his arm at a team talk were equally spectacular !! The Super Furry Animals song " The Man that didn''t give a F%^k" was dedicated to him.
  4. Are there any ? Ribs of Beef ? The Beehive ? Any tips gratefully received
  5. I also heard some half brain, so called Norwich fan, shouting racist comments about Shaun Wright- Phillips in Y2 upper yesterday......I had enough of this in the 80''s....
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