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  1. does anyone know how Ayala''s doing on loan? looked quite strong on the ball and fairly assured when he arrived for such a young player. Are his injury problems causing any issues at all? If he could come back a better player for next season (let''s hope we stay up) then it could be great for the team.
  2. that could actually catch on... fun, simple and easy to remember. [<:o)]
  3. well if Birmingham are selling, why don''t we go for Redmond... we need some more pace up top. I also think that we need another winger (preferably left) Hughton seems reluctant to play E. Bennett on the left and contstantly brings him on for Snodgrass in the last minuite.. no matter how poorly Pilks is playing (he fades badly in the second half) hughton never subs anyone on for him. We need another option on the wing.
  4. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"][quote user="Steady On..."]I just think your confused. At the stoke game recently "1-0 to the football team" and "tony pulis, you look like a Chav" are funny chants, they use classic rhythms so everyone can join in quickly. Would you prefer "you look like a disenfranchised member of society and I do not care for your association football teams style of play good sir..." set to the tune "it''s a long way to Tipperary"? Yeah. Dead catchy.[/quote] I wasn''t talking about that though. If you had clearly read what I was saying,  I was attacking the inventive ones such as : <insert player name > nah nah nah nah nah do do do do do <insert player name > [/quote] Completely agree on that. Why do we have to sing songs that have the same tunes as every other club''s songs??? Another thing that annoys me is the speed that we sing otbc at. What could be a spine-tingling chant has turned into a 10 second blast that no one can understand. Hoorah we''ve scored a goal has turned into hurrahwezco [:@]
  5. [quote user="Norfolk Mustard"] Who knows which players are in our purchasing budget? We’ve not bought a superstar for ages – and Bony looks awesome to me. He’ll probably end up at Chelsea as the ‘new Drogba’ though?... [/quote] I thought that Lukaku was the new Drogba???
  6. We''ve got great strength in depth at the moment. We almost have 2 full starting line ups, which is why were doing so well in the cup and we have 9 players out on loan. But we can''t lose Bassong. He''s the core of the defence and we looked weak without him. Thinking about new signings, there isn''t really any position that sticks out because we have great balance in the team. If anything I would like to see another left winger to challenge Pilkington because Hughton seem to be reluctant to play Bennett or Snodgrass there.  
  7. If we stay up, we will sign better players than before but we wont spend much if any more than this season or the last. We will be judged to be a stable prem club and will therefore be able to attract better players. it''s no secret that Lambert sometimes struggled to sell the club to players in the past. If we continue this cup run and reach the final we might even make european competitions, which will attract many more players. If we lost 5-0 to Chelsea in the final we would still make europe.
  8. League One! It''s just like watching League One!
  9. Garrido''s touch and control is absolutley sublime. It''s evident even in the warm ups that he is a class above most of the players we have at our disposal. once I was watching a game that they were playing and Garrido was beating Holt so badly that holt started smashing the ball at him (in a friendly way) and joined in with a different group [:D]
  10. I saw no contact on Walker and feel very strongly about diving. I''ve played football (at a poor level lol) for going on 11 years and I am proud to say that I''ve never made the most of a tackle. I think that a panel should be made by the FA to review situations in games when an accusation of diving has been made. If the player is guilty then he should be banned for 3 games.
  11. http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/forums/2788995/ShowPost.aspx   1st song posted in this thread
  12. I''d put money on there being at least 6 goals. Barca have an aweful defence at the moment but will tear Celtic apart.
  13. you''re just a stepping stone! you''re just a stepping stone! (to Villa fans)
  14. we have a staggering collection of programmes including many from the 50''s and earlier. We have one that has been dated by the club to be from 1922. We are only missing 3 programmes (home and away) since the early/mid 70''s. There part of my inheritance and they won''t be sold.
  15. [quote user="SS3Canary"] To the tune of Agadoo...   "Seb... Bass... SONG! SONG! SONG! Never gets a tackle wrong, Seb Bass SONG! SONG! SONG! Clears the danger all day long. To the left, to the right, in the air or on the deck, He''s the man, fucking grand, and he shits on Fer-din-and!" (REPEAT) [/quote] ^^^ love this
  16. http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/forums/2787413/ShowPost.aspx   << see other thread   got to be la bamba!!   Gaa Gaa Garrido Gaa Gaa Garridoo Javier Garrido Javier Garrido Signed from Laz-io There''s nothing he can''t do
  17. I prefered the away days in League 1. Brentford away, a pub in each corner of the ground and a broken turnstyle that we all had to climb over. Standing terrace and a sheet of cheap metal at the back. Great banter amongst the fans aswell, anyone remember the guy in the pink shirt at Hartlepool?
  18. [quote user="Excited Canary"][quote user="Excited Canary"]La Bamba: Javier Garrido, Javier Garrido, Javier, Javier, Garrido, Javier, Javier, Garrido, Signed from Laz-io, It''s Javier Garrido...[8] [/quote] That''s better, few to many Javier''s [:$] [/quote] Or   Gaa Gaa Garrido Gaa Gaa Garridoo Javier Garrido Javier Garrido Signed from Laz-io There''s nothing he can''t do
  19. [quote user="Excited Canary"]Must be able to get his song into ''La Bamba'' like Liverpool did with Benitez. So catchy. [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHF5OvjAxgU[/url] [/quote] class!! one of them songs that can just be sung for 10 mins non stop. have to get this started.
  20. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"] [quote user="Indy_Bones"] Bear in mind that we''ve probably spent at most 10m so far (2-3 Bassong, 1.5-2 Turner, 0.5-1 Bunn, 1.75-2.5 Snoddy, 2-3 Tettey?), and if our transfer budget was anywhere in the region of 25m then we have approx 15m left to spend with a striker apparently being the missing puzzle piece for CH. [/quote]   Even if we did have a £25m pot to spend, that would include signing on fee''s, agents fee''s, loan fee''s and most importantly wages. Established Premier League players such as Bassong, Turner etc will be on much higher wages than the players we brought in last summer. Also, let''s not forget Hughton and his coaching staffs compensation probably came to £3m. I''d be amazed if there''s any more than £8m-£10m left, Carrol''s wages would take half of that let alone the transfer fee, it''s just never going to happen in a bazillion years. It would also leave us with no options in January. [/quote] exactly. everyone seems to think that the transfer fee is the only fee that has to be paid. West Ham bidded £17m for Carroll (which they admitted was their whole budget) and didn''t get him. He will only leave for Newcastle. His wages will also be 10 times that of our average earner (I would guess he''s on 150k) and even if we could afford that it would anger the other players. There were media reports that we paid 3m for Dave Watson alone; I would be surprised if we spent any more than £5m on our last player.
  21. A club is more than the 11 players that are on the pitch. Simon Lappin trains with the youth team every other day (all age groups) as well as doing first team training. He''s popular with the players and has never let us down. A club is more than a team; a club needs players that are happy to sit out and not be pushing for a starting place, Lappin will do a good job in defence or midfield. I wish people would understand that having a squad full of players with loads of ability isn''t a good way to form a successful club (unless you''re doing a Man City and are buying the worlds best).
  22. Everyone was saying the same thing at the start of last season aswell. He always starts the season slow and improves as he gains his fitness. He will score goals this season.
  23. [quote user="super canary"]Has Tettey signed too late to be involved for tomorrows game?[/quote] yes, but he will be at the game.
  24. Will we sign both Tettey and Biglia?? I think it must be one or the other. I would like to see another striker come in if Vaughan leaves and I think that this will happen. No idea who the striker might be and I don''t think that anyone knows; the club is good at keeping things private.
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