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  1. step


    It was the beginning of the dark days with several appointments that still send shivers down my spine ! None more so than the Loanee period of Roeder !
  2. step


    I think there was a strong feeling at the time that Walker inherited a very strong Dave Stringer team, but it is strange that he rarely gets a mention.

    Maybe it was the manner of his leaving to Everton that causes this feeling towards him, cant think of another recent manager who left in the same fashion !
  3. Saw our fine countryside littered by signs for these people.

    Thought maybe we should bump this up to remind people not to support people like this
  4. Some Firework shop Crabby.

    Prefer to get mine from a proper shop like Kerrison Toys rather than a container in a car park.
  5. step


    Great , will need to score 2 now as he always seems to give a Pen against us !
  6. step

    E Bennett

    I remember when Benno played there before when we had an injury crisis at the back,couple of season back I think .Didnt let us down then and certainly didnt today.

    I like him there reminders me of a player called Culverhouse who played there..whatever happened to him?
  7. Also, thinking about them loans of Bent, Ince and co.

    Very good point Jimmy...I would presume they have made sure they were available but.....
  8. What is it with refs now wanting to be mates with players,

    Smiling, winking, joking ,highfiving (which apparently happened after Middlesbourogh game,wasnt there had to leave before getting chucked out I was so wound up!) is not acceptable in any circumstance and as much as I thought Webb could be a tit at least he never tried to make friends.

    If he did smile and wink at our supporters then he should be spoken to and cautioned by the police for crowd indictment.

    PeePoor Refs have cost us all this year, I have no complaints about Grabben going as there is movement and you cant do that, but equally holding a player in a headlock as least deserves a talking to.

  9. step


    I presume Mickey Turner cant play against us next week ?
  10. step


    The media have been getting hard on for Bournemouth all season....bit like Swansea in all the years the in the Prem. All a bit boring but at least it keeps us under the radar.
  11. Not to mention that Ayala was a total sicknote, Surman not a lot better.
  12. step

    Pathetic atmosphere

    Whatever....I should think that every Mic was turned down as far as it would go.

    The noise level round me directed at a Pillock of a ref and pathetic timewasters from Boro would had made most of it unbroadcastable before the watershed !.
  13. Excellent report Ricardo,

    No complaints about result as they did the job needed.

    The ref left a very sour taste but I dont blame the Boro Players if he was letting get away with it.

    You put the smile back on my face with the comment

    "loud cries for a penalty on eighty minutes but unless the Boro player actually picked the ball up and signed it with a felt tip pen we all knew that Mr. Madeley would wave it away."

  14. step

    The Return Of Wazzy's Ref Watch

    He was a total idiot.

    Even though I dont feel the Wes penalty was borderline (in otherwords seen them given) I assumed he had a better view than me. Looking at his view it looked even more like there was some contact..

    I understand the need to stop play with a player injured and in someways if we have the ball we should kick it out. But when a they keep going down with no one around them then why should our player do so.

    The one where we had a 4-5 touches and the moved the ball to the other side of the pitch attacking was a disgrace.

    I was so narked this morning I almost happy to stay out of the Premiershit just to avoid idiots like him week in week out. (but one for a minute)
  15. Give it a week and ask again. You might pick one up from people with weak hearts or anxiety.

    Wont need to cut my fingernails this week that for sure.
  16. Saw a funny little Italian guy asking where Subbuteo sets were at Kerrison Toys yesterday.
  17. step

    Fewest offsides !!!

    Now why does that not surprise me !

  18. wanna borrow a tin hat Morty ?
  19. step

    Iwan on Malky

    As much as I think Marshall is a good keeper ,great shot stopper he couldnt get away quick enough when we needed him.

    I think we have enough in the bag if JR does go and even then I would only let him go for a Shedload of cash
  20. Our last Youth team coach promoted from within didnt do too bad did he !

    Ive seen enough in the past few games to convince me yes.

  21. step

    The fiddle is on....

    You know what, Ive been thinking for weeks why couldnt Sunderland have caught up on games yet.

    It gives them a lift knowing what they have to do and that they games in hand on us.

    Maybe Im still bitter about Coventry situation after all these years.
  22. Yep can only be good.

    Ironic that 3 goals had that little bit of luck with deflection and in off the post that the 1st team havent had all season !
  23. Great, okay I know you make your own luck but boy it would be nice to have a little !
  24. step

    Moyes to Villa?

    I agree mark, or it could be Lambo has showed his legendary loyalty but pointing fingers at his 2 right hand men and got them the bullet to save his neck.

    All the Vile supporters I know want him gone.