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  1. Aw. You''ve always been my favourite Nigel... After Mansell.... And Farage...
  2. Oh poo. Well it worked in preview!!! I''m sure some kind person will turn it into a working link...
  3. I did. It''s about my first day at preseason. Read it if ya want. Or don''t. Only a bit of fun biggrantholt.wordpress.com I''m not messing around with links.
  4. Fun? I''m bloody we''ll starting. I didn''t check my phone. Mr Ian text me when I was in the Bath listening to Kermode and Mayos film review podcast!!!!
  5. I''m going down to Carrow Rd tonight In DISGUISE and I''m gonna start start some rumours about Steve Morison. He is related to H from Steps, the word Orphan makes him laugh, he thinks Ipswich fans are pretty darn dishy. That sort of thing. Granty Holts is on the way back!!!
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