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  1. Are we talking about the same morons who sing songs about poor Fash? Are we also talking about the same morons who sing the ''die die Delia'' song? They can f**k off. ITFC fans will ALWAYS be scum in my eyes, a bit of clapping wont change that.
  2. I thought it went really well personally. I was right at the front and managed to hear all questions/answers. I enjoyed Lambo''s comments about social networking ''why would you want to tell someone that you''re boiling an egg''! McNally also explained that we should have a new temp. stand infront of the hotel by ''early spring'' and that after 3 years of premiership football we will start expansion on the G. Watling stand. Lambo signed my copy of his autobiography as well which was a nice way to end. Kudos to the man who expressed to Lambo how much we all love what he''s done for us as well and that it would take a horrific down turn in fortunes for us (the fans) to want him sacked. Will definitely go to any future forums.  
  3. [quote user="TIL 1010"]Yes i shall pop along and am a bit surprised at the lack of publicity surrounding the event.[/quote] Hmmm I wonder why that could be? Team doing well? Check. Finances looking healthy? Check. To be honest I''m just popping along so I can try and get Lambo''s autograph! [:D]
  4. http://services.pinkun.com/FORUMS/PINKUN/CS/forums/2633370/ShowPost.aspx      
  5. [quote user="L4cole"] Paul Merson was also critical of Norwich goalkeeper John Ruddy, who made several mistakes throughout the game, particularly in failing to deal with Yakubu''s goal. The 24-year-old has earned plenty of plaudits this season, but Merson said he was shown to be fallible in this game. "You''ve got to give credit when credit''s due and he has been brilliant," he said. "But today he dropped one in the first half and it got cleared off the line, then for Yakubu''s goal he had Weetabix hands. They just crumpled and it went straight through his hands. "It was shocking for someone who''d had a lot of praise. That''s the difference between great goalkeepers and the ones who are good goalies. "You can''t have a go at him because he''s done great and he saved them a point last week. This week he made a couple of mistakes." [/quote] So you''re only having a go at him because of Paul Merson? Right....
  6. [quote user="Mr. Bump"][quote user="Jarrold_stand_blockN"] A defender that is capable of playing across the back and a centre forward maybe? [/quote] Bring back Doherty and kill two birds with one stone. [/quote] [:D]
  7. A defender that is capable of playing across the back and a centre forward maybe?
  8. Bought my ticket today, looking forward to it already. Anyone else planning on going? OTBC [:)]
  9. Jeeeeesus not another ''what makes you a better fan than the rest of us?'' thread? Look, we all have different circumstances in life and certain groups need to leave early. It is not a fricking crime to leave a football match early. Do you honestly belive the players care if a few (i.e the minority) leave a game early? I''ve never had to leave a game early but I do not have an issue that those who do. Get over yourselves.
  10. Yes, I am aware that we have played 9 games but I don''t know how much our opinion will change after the Blackburn game so here goes.I think we''ve adapted to this league a lot more easily than I certainly expected.Taking it game by game:Wigan- did really well to take a point. Cant really complain about the penalty. A good point in my opinion.Stoke- should have won. Played well. Stupid ref ruined it. Did well to save the penalty. It felt like two points dropped in my mind as I left Carra Rd. Others probably feel differently? At least we didnt lose.Chelsea. I think it was our best performance of the season- bearing in mind the sheer value of the players. Again, the penalty wasnt really a plus point but we''ve seen time and time again players going over the goalie''s hand. Nobody expected anything but a defeat.West Brom. Not our best performance- should have been given a penalty but for the ref not seeing JV getting elbowed in the face.Bolton. Only game that I havent attended this season- didnt watch either. We won though so it''s all good. Cant really assess the performance- we must have played well to win though?Sunderland. We dominated them for 80 minutes until they got back into. A few hairy moments but we did well. A great win, particularly nice to get the first win at home.Man U. Had it been for better finishing we might have won the game. Was very  proud leaving the ground. (8) We support our local team!Swansea. Played well, started like a train. Swansea didnt really do anything apart from tap tap football and had we not switched off for a silly moment I think we''d have kept a clean sheet.Liverpool. The red men should have been out of sight at half time. We pulled it back in the second half, the lads played well enough to justify a point. A fantastic away point. Shame about the restricted view but thats another story....All in all I think we''ve played extremely well. Could maybe have had 2/3 more points but 12 points from 9 is brilliant. What say you guys? On the ball City.
  11. [quote user="exiled blue"]i don`t think you`ve got anything to worry about tbh. these thai owners are obviously seeking a quick fix, lambert will have seen this and won`t go anywhere near them. not that he would anyway.[/quote]What team do you support mate? I''ve never really seen your posts before [:P] Not having a go, just wondering. Blue better not have any links to Ipsw**h [;)]
  12. [quote user="bradders"]Please I come in harmony I am a villa fan and I run a villa site a regular feature is Opposition View and I speak to fans on upcoming opponents and interact. I would appreciate norwich fans to pm me with their questions and answers. 1. How long have you been a Norwich City Supporter? 2. Who is your best player?  Thats a blooming hard question! Wes Hoolahan - just!3. Who you think is Villa''s best player? Darren Bent- the scum **** 4. What is your perception of Aston Villa? Biggish club- midtable at best.5. What do you think the score will be? 2-26. What do you think your final position will be? 14th7. What do you think Aston Villa position will be? 13th8. Who introduced you to norwich city? My Grandad.9.What was your first game and what made you want to follow then and made you return? My first game was the playoff final that we lost to Birmingham on penalties. I picked my team and I fell in love....10.What stadium you most looking forward too and why? Already fulfilled my ambition. Anfield, Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge were quality quality football grounds. Looking forward to visiting Villa Park also. 11.How many games do you visit a season? I attend every home game (season ticket holder) and around 10 away games.12.Away days for yourselves expensive this season in particular, but do you think Norwich FC are doing all they can to encourage you? I''ve not actually been that shocked by away prices.I was going to go no matter what. My season ticket is very reasonable.13. What would you define as a good season? Top half.14. Has promotion to the premier league attracted new fans Yes.... very notable at away games..... 15. Do you think Alex McLeish moving from Birmingham to Villa was a good move for us? I don''t really care. Sorry mate.[/quote]
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