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  1. Rooney was 16 when he first played for Everton wasn''t he?Lets get them out there! The earlier you start, they quicker they develop. By 20, they should be total class.
  2. Ha..... Typical Norwich. Only we can be 3rd in the league and still have a minus goal difference!!!Good to see the young ones doing well though.
  3. [quote user="Rob Sims"]I''m going to this, managed to grab hold of a couple of friends Reading season tickets who can''t go so i will be quietly sitting behind the dugouts with my norwich city shirt on underneath a thick jumper! ;) [/quote]Ha ha..... I too will be sat quietly throughtout the game, as I am heading up with two Reading fans and shall be sat in the home end. For personal safety I need a 0-0, but really hoping for 0-4 in this game!!
  4. [quote user="Across The Pond Yellow"]IMO, best lambert songs will be those that don''t even mention him. purely CH this saturday. show them it''s his club now, and we have little to no respect for lambert.[/quote]Couldn''t agree more.Ignore Lambert, Sing your heats out about Hughton. To really wind Lambert up, would be to applaud him. He wouldn''t expect it and it would really throw him. Sing for Hughton, don''t sing for Lambert, but a gentle ripple of an applause, would be ok. After all he did perform a miracle here.
  5. That Black kit looks fantastic. Would be well pleased with that one.
  6. All the pics of the new signings (and Grant) show them in white tops with yellow and black flashes. Is this an old or new training top/fashion top?If this is new, could it be a hint at the new colours of the away kit? I assume the new away kit has not be unveiled, as I''m pretty sure my head has not been stuck in the sandthe last few days !!Just an observation from all the photos!!
  7. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]Hey, my Scott Parker thread was directed as OT and dont diss the hair. Its like a Spitfire pilot traveled to 2012 and played for England[/quote]LOL, I have always thought  he looked like a "Gentleman" straight out of the 20''s. The way he stands, moves, runs and wears his clothes. Even my wife, who does not watch football at all, saw him and commented that he looks out of place and looks like he came forward in time!! I hope you don''t mind but I am going to adopt Spitfire Pilot for his new new nickname.
  8. Why does European targets have to mean shopping in the top leagues? Surely there is some untapped talent on the continent in the lower leagues that we could be looking at. Even if we are looking at the tope leagues, we are not looking to raid to Madrid, or Barcelona. The lower league teams will have quality players that may be quality and affordable. Prime example would be Victor Moses.
  9. If Holt and Lambert are both worthy of being named "Legends" then we need to start a campaign to get McNally voted in as well.  Is this allowed, who cares, GET HIM IN!!!!!!!!Thanks for the updates by the way.
  10. You can''t get better than a kwik fit fitterYou can''t get better than a kwik fit fitterYou can''t get better than a kwik fit fitterHolt score one for us!!
  11. I can not believe that Hucks has had to come here and defend himself. I have been reading these boards for a long while now, but decided not to join in the past, however, after reading this article I couldn''t stop myself, so this is my first and possibly last post! Hucks is, quite simply put, a modern NCFC legend. I have supported the club since I was 6 in 1982 and there have been some quality players in the short time I have supported the club, and Hucks deserves his place in the hall of fame. For what he brought to the club was unmistakable. Flair, Passion, Skill, to name a few. And he ultimatley came to love the club as much as its fans loved him. I for one think Hucks should never have been released, and still had at least one more season to give to the club. The fact he wasn''t given the opportunity to do so still disgusts me. He could have been the difference that season that we needed. I would love Hucks to be a major part of this club in the future in any sort of capacity, but hopefully, when he has acheived his coaching badges, coach the youth team (as a starting point) and learn from Culverhouse and Lambert. Hucks was and still is Yellow and Green. To still have the love for a club that treated him so badly in the end, says a lot about his character. I have never met him, but would  love to be able to shake his hand and say thank you for what you did to for me as a fan of the club. Watching him play was a joy. Roeder is not a legend. Huckerby is. please give the man the respect he deserves. I''ve had my say, I will now shut up and go away again . I await both barrells!!!
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