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  1. Lambert won''t be going this season he''s halfway through his job here all the talk of him going to villa is nonsence as is all this "big club talk" falling attendences a board room in a mess its hardly an attractive proposition for lambert when he''s got hero status at our club. I personally think lambert will go to a good sized club abroad poss germany. He''s unlikely to get offered a top 6 club here and who''s to say we can''t match any of the clubs below the top 6 next seasonor the season after. OTBC
  2. I really want blackpool to go up I like ollys post match comments and it would be a good away game if its a saturday and a hot weekend go friday come back sunday lol pleaseeee blackpool!!!!!
  3. I wonder where this leaves holt aswell, will woy stick with the usual suspects?
  4. Might aswell go the whole 9yards and ask big eck. What a joke!
  5. England job being offered to WBA manager Roy hodgson, WBA given go ahead and meeting is 2moro. Only person FA have approached and contract set to cover euro 12, world cup 14 and euro 16. They chose him over redknapp as he has previous international experience. YAWN
  6. Havnt been on here in ages but I whole heartedly agree with the op. The leicester game was a turning point in our season other than the spurs win there''s not been a great deal of positives since that game and today was shocking the 1st 20mins we looked ok but then once the 1st goal went in you just knew what was coming. Why oh why didn''t lambert bring holt on sooner. Morisons 1sat touch is pants so why he''s playing lone striker I''ll never know. He''s our worst player over the last few months. The whole teams done a great job this season as a whole but its been a bit of an anticlimax recently. I think we need to strengthen in the summer as I can see reading and southampton doing well next season, the same as we did OTBC
  7. Am I the only one who thinks the lad ideal for QPR, well except that he scores goals :)
  8. I''d take delia (as majority shareholder) over any of the billionaires who can''t account as to where they got their money from as, when the going gets tough they would soon sell their shares to the highest bidder with no regard to the fans that love the club it would be highest price as that''s how they ended up with loads of cash( by being ruthless) nice people go nowhere in buisness
  9. I don''t know how true this is but I heard " that he was sleeping with damien francis''s mrs" did anyone else hear this or is it just utter garbage
  10. Hi all soz not posted for a while I''ve been settling into the ghhhhhetto I''m going for a ready salted......chelski to hammer wigan 16-0 however I believe its probably more likely to be a boring 2-0 grrrr. Good luck picker
  11. Ahh brilliant thanks a lot goty the big move friday then I''m a local and my baby will be born in the same hospirtal as me :)
  12. Nutty sorry to be a moaning bugger BUT how comes my stats are never on here? Not that they are impressive lol
  13. Shocking prices but a wins a win I see holt last goal is 8-1 at corbetts my closest bookies that''s not a bad little bet
  14. stoke to beat bolton for me great price aswell 9-5 gotta be done good luck picker
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