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    I know a Norwich forum that has an edit button ;)
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    I think he''ll stay. He''ll wants to prove himself to the fans no doubt.
  3. Gaz06

    Just over a Month

    With the way Neil Adams is talking and judging the way he is stetting the team up in pre season, I can see our games being very high scoring this season. I''m feeling quite positive at the moment but it can easily change with a few bad results.

    My predictions :

    Wolves 1 - Norwich 3

    Norwich 2 - Watford 1

    Norwich 1 - Blackburn 1

    Ipswich 0 - Norwich 5 ( going on past history between the two teams here ;) )

    Norwich 2 - Bornemouth 1

    I really hope we keep Redmond and Hoolahan, if we set out to outscore teams we can REALLY hurt the opposition with these two players. There aren''t that many players in this division that our defence has to worry about, but I think our approach will see us leaking a few goals. But Hoolahan and Redmond will tear teams apart.
  4. "Barring Real Madrid & Barcelona i think every other club in the world is a selling club. I think the top players of them wouldnt move to anyone else. Even massive teams like Man Utd & B.Munich lose players to those 2"

    I think football clubs just go in cycles. From 2003-2008 many players wanted to play for Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and all those clubs dominated in Europe. Since then the Spanish teams have been able to offer ridiculous wages and attract top talent. But that will change. Not many teams will be able to offer the sort of wages Manchester United can and all the best players will want to go there.
  5. Gaz06

    Beyond words....sponsorships in PL

    I don''t think Sky have a lot to answer for, I think the Premier League do. There is a high demand for Premier League football so that obviously attracts investors, the problem lies with what is happening with the money, which is being spent on inflated transfer fees, players wages and agents fees. This can evidently be seen with some of the fees and wages be thrown about for average Premier League players.

    Now in an ideal word, every Premier League club would receive the same amount of money and it would be a level playing field, but we don''t live in an ideal word and infact the Premier League dish out the money they get from Sky fairly. Now where the problem lies is that very little money gets reinvested into academies and grass roots football. That is a problem the FA and Premier League really need to address. You are always going to get "big teams" and "little teams" like you get large and small business. That is the reality of late modern society.
  6. You''re being far too positive for this forum!!!!!

    But yes I agree, we''ve got a great variety of players and can play a number of systems next season. I think we have enough to bounce back.
  7. Gaz06

    Redmond bids rejected

    Paddy Davitt ‏@paddyjdavitt 9m

    & regarding transfer biz: plenty of enquiries coming in for players. No acceptable bids. as you were contrary 2 any other rpts. #ncfc
  8. I think we will only see one "first team" player leave before the end of the window (unless we receive ridiculous money). McNally has historically always had a strong stance when its comes to players (and staff) leaving and won''t let any players go cheap. Obviously things were very different when Doncaster was in charge. Or am I just being hopeful?
  9. Gaz06

    Redmond bids rejected

    His tweet earlier ...

    Am I wrong for wanting better? Should I just settle forever?

    Kirko Bangz (Feat. August Alsina) - Rich

    He just conveniently plucked those lyrics out ...
  10. Gaz06

    Carrow Road sold


    You crack me up
  11. Gaz06

    Would you take Grant Holt on loan?

    NO!! He was awful last season.

  12. Gaz06

    Redmond bids rejected

    Redmond will be our key player next season IMO. He went past Premier League defenders with ease, with only the end product lacking. Imagine what he could do to Championship defenders ....

    If he can sort that area of his game out (which I believe he will) then like others have said he will be commanding double figures. £6 mil is nothing, considering he could be the difference between going up and staying in this division.
  13. http://www.evertonfc.com/news/archive/2014/07/14/blues-make-royle-appointment
  14. To join Everton. He didn''t last long
  15. Gaz06

    21 man squad for Dereham

    Bethnal - I was trying to make the point that it seemed like an official club training session. Which seems odd that Hoolahan would be there if he was granted a longer break. Unless like you said he felt he needed to improve his fitness.
  16. Gaz06

    21 man squad for Dereham

    Trust me. I have better things to do than come onto a forum and make things up.
  17. Gaz06

    21 man squad for Dereham

    I saw Mark Bunn coming leaving my gym yesterday with another player (didn''t recognise him) in their full Norwich training kits. Then when I left and got into my car I heard Wes Hoolahan shout over to the Murphys "You going Colney". I''m not buying into this "extended break". Unless those lot were just playing catch up with a bit of extra training. Saw some posh cars out the front so there must have been other players there.
  18. Simply Yes or no with the position you think we''ll finish in next season.

    Yes - 2nd.
  19. No worries, Zac Efron has predicted us to win 1-0
  20. Gaz06

    Moyes Getting Sacked

    A Sky Sports journalist has just tweeted that Man United will announce the departure of Moyes imminently
  21. Gaz06

    Moyes Getting Sacked

    All the papers are covering the story now, they wouldn''t take the risk of running the story unless they were pretty sure it was happening (like the Sir Alex retiring story) and it will probably speed up his sacking (like with Alex ferguson announcing his retirement ). Typical! We really haven''t had much luck this season have we?
  22. Gaz06

    team for utd.

    Yeah I agree with that. I''d probably put RvW in ahead of Hooper though. That diamond formation did not look right and cost us the game, I guess if Hughton started with that formation all hell would break lose!

    Is Pilkington still injured? Its getting very frustrating that Redmond can''t even put in a half decent ball.
  23. Gaz06

    Please Dont Boo!!!

    It''s nothing to do with being a "true fan" or a better fan, it''s about supporting the team. Yes voice your dissatisfaction at the end of the game, but booing during the game does no-one any good. For the full 90 minutes on Sunday we need to get behind the team and i''m sure the fans will.
  24. Gaz06

    Please Dont Boo!!!

    Wouldn''t surprise me if some of our fans started booing if we lost or were losing. Just like how pathetic some of our fans were when they started booing during the game vs West Brom.
  25. Gaz06

    How to beat Liverpool

    Score more goals than them