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  1. Came across this at work in the early hours. http://youtu.be/haQ4e_Ca2vw
  2. It''s such a shame for Ruddy to get injured at this time but we have to try and not be negative on this one. Bunn will want to cement his place in the team and will want to be playing good enough to give the manager a headache come February time when ruddy is fit. Hopefully the question will be. When Ruddy is fit do we A: remove Bunn B: Ruddy on bench while Bunn is playing well and we are in mid-table
  3. After Whittaker''s performance against Spurs Wednesday it will be interesting to see if R Martin plays if he is fit. I think Whittaker will end up being the dominant right back from now on. It''s a shame as I like R Martin but have preferred him when playing centre back opposed to right back since we have been in the premier league.
  4. I listen to in Coventry on the player and I''m sure it starts around 1430 and ends after canary call.
  5. What pub in Coventry do you watch the city games in?
  6. I live in CoventryI travel to home games when i can but mainly stick to the away games which i go by my self in the car.
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