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  1. Yep, certainly some baggage with that young man, be a shame not to see those three on the pitch together again, it was just sublime passing and movement. And importantly that trio produced a lot of goals between them.
  2. A glance at the tables tells us the villa are below us and we have played some good sides. They seem to draw a good few, so 1-1 or we nick a 2-1
  3. Holt, Hoolahan & Chrissy Martin used to play together so well, they were almost telepathic. I can''t remember why or when that trio was split up, I just remember the slick one touch passing, between them. Could they play together now?
  4. [quote user="NWC"] A "Club Ref" ??????? I thought only man yoo had such a thing!! Can we have one too???? :)[/quote] Shh its supposed to be a secret
  5. Same report for a few of the QPR games. They are a crap team, I hope Colin stays all season cos they will go down
  6. It crossed my mind that Lambert maybe was in the middle of negotiations with a club ref buying a player and he is just bluffing to try to keep price down and complete deal. Would Lambert use media like that or just leave it to Mcnally?
  7. What is clear is that we will see 2 new players in Jan. I''ll look at league loan rules in a mo
  8. I saw it as well, Lambert Knows Pitfalls article. I suppose fron Jan it would be short term loan?
  9. Blackburn have a cup game against Newcastle (if my memory serves me) this week, can''t remember which night, so a lot could happen between now and Saturday.
  10. 9 games played 8th place in league (we''ll be 8th Sunday night) 12 points on the board. Hardly relegation form, can we keep it up? Who would we sign in Jan to improve things?
  11. Collymore,s turning into a City fan. He just made a mess jerking off onto his Grant Holt poster.
  12. I remember what you did whilst playing Darren, thankyou. However, I don''t want to buy a book or get it signed or read it serialised or have an evening with you via Sports Desk Pete or NCISA. It''s starting to get on my tits with you keeping on asking, let''s not ruin a beautiful friendship shall we?
  13. Please keep the noise down peoples, we''ve done ok the past couple of years just sneaking under the radar, let''s all pipe down a bit and let little old Norwich keep picking up points quietly without drawing too much attention to ourselves. Just grin inanely, quietly.
  14. DF mr beetle not there anymore, must be someone else up your back alley
  15. Quite a few local shops open early if you want half bottle of Scotch to wash the cornflakes down, always better than milk...
  16. Only 1200 coming so we will have to take turns. I''m not going in after Grant Holt though.....
  17. Bell Road is ok if your neighbors are quiet. Whalebone for football, Blue Boar for kids play area.
  18. Ref johnny dep, Bought an ex la semi on larkman lane, rents to stundents & just lives there in the summer
  19. Canary Bird, I thought the kid was crouching
  20. Almost forgot, anyone else laugh at seeing Wess in the tunnel at Old Trafford with his mascot? The kid was a giant, Wess had to look up to him, love the player but it did make me smile.
  21. I was sniggering at Bolton, little did I know what was in store for QPR
  22. It sounded fantastic on radio, my non football fan workmate was in stitches. Good work, all 3000 of you
  23. W''ell give our best and see where that takes us
  24. I see Man City couldn''t beat Bayern in Germany tonight, then again, not many English clubs have...........
  25. Can''t believe this much hassle for a plucked shirt, wait till he mentions the stain. His shirt was tucked in and he got a bit excited jumping up when City won at Bolton! Can''t blame that on the dog.....
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