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  1. If De Garr is playing, we have a moral obligation to play Holt with Morrison being fed by Bennett and Pills. Holt is gonna sttuff his fist up De Gear and pull out his tonsils.
  2. RCF is getting psychological with Stan confronting his demons. I think you''ll find its as simple as Stan has the hots for Holty, spends a lot of time on yuuutube and visiting hos local ATS for tyre checks. As for Wolves, its hilarious.
  3. Poor chap couldn''t even finish his sentence before Collymore jumped in with both feet. It was quite amusing, perhaps Stan''s trying to book a place in hall of fame
  4. The research I have done suggests all goldfish are called ''Bob''
  5. A wolves fan was saying bout small club like Norwich, Collymore jumped down his throat, talking bout City being bigger than Wolves, our success in league and europe. Then he made a mess in his pants when started thinking bout Grant Holt
  6. Good work BUT I think the points table has not taken into account the way City can play psychologically in the games which are left. It''s almost as if they can play with freedom and go for it, because they are almost safe, nothing to lose. I think this will have an interesting impact on PL''s tactics over the next few games, I can''t wait to see Man U V PL tactics.
  7. I thought Chelsea, Sunderland & Bolton would be 3 tough games. We mustn''t set our sights too low
  8. Rules changed this season in that Members are only allowed 1 ticket each, where previous seasons it was as many as you wanted. It''s made taking the kids quite difficult.
  9. I''m not sure I can see past a draw, its gonna be a hard game.
  10. STILL Unbeaten In 2012! Bring on Sunderland (away draw), and Bolton (home win)
  11. I''m hoping the reserves will play on Saturday, we''ve got a hard away game Wednesday night and then on Saturday Bolton will be fighting for their lives. Big week coming up so I would not play the first team at all.
  12. lee Croft on loan to St Johnston till end of season.
  13. I see she is in the basement, all ready for the cable ties and duck tape.......
  14. Lucky McNasty, another hectic day dealing with the ''grabbing granny'' situation. Little did he know the Premier League was going to be so exciting.
  15. The ''Hot Chocolate'' excuse eh? What was she really doing then?
  16. I don''t think we have been playing at our best yet, we normally improve as the season develops, yet we have been bobbing around tenth place for some time now. I can''t see us getting a lot worse suddenly and we have definitely played some top sides already, there are quite a few sides who would grab the chance to swap with us. Think happy thoughts!
  17. I don''t think he was tongue in cheek, he''s just a w****r!
  18. [quote user="First Wizard"]We''re maxed out on loans...next.[/quote] If we buy our existing loanees, we can get two more
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