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  1. That''s just a picture of one of the old ladies who sits quietly in the River End
  2. Booked a private table in Morrisons cafe, if its too busy then the McDonalds at Tuckswood.
  3. Now I like Morrison''s own brand Angel cake and I like Mr Kipling''s, but which is best? There''s only one way to find out.... FIGHT!!!!!
  4. 27000 Norwich fans chanting '' Where are you? Where are you? Let''s be having you'' would probably make Match of the Day
  5. I would love it if Delia played a joke by giving us a ''let''s be aving you'' at halftime, like last time Citeh were here. What are the chances?
  6. I''m not sure how they are doing, I don''t follow lower league football!
  7. Our manager is willing to try something different, and then yo change it when required
  8. She''d go ballistic whenever it as banged into the box, I''m thinking I might know who you mean....
  9. I would love to know the stats to compare with or without Holty, without him tomorrow be happy with a draw.
  10. Now if you were talking bout that foxy young chick who does physio for Chelski, she could give me a rub down.......
  11. Ginge NOT Hinge damn spoolchecker
  12. Not just Dirty Leeds, Hinge, its Dirty Leeds managed by Colin! Hilarious
  13. Our feeder club with its pants round its ankles.... Fantastic
  14. Holt poking around near Kathy''s Ladygarden. She wouldn''t give him a black eye for that!
  15. Thanks, I didn''t get to watch the Wigan game.
  16. As it says, did anyone else see it or just me?
  17. I think attitude today is as important as the player''s named on team sheet. We should be totally at it and in their face from first minute, when we score, just keep at it and try to send them down. We have to dominate from start to finish and kill their spirit. Wad do I know anyway....
  18. I didn''t quite catch that, what atrocity are we doing to Wessi?
  19. We know Lambert buys Captains, Howson strikes me like PL may have him pencilled in as our future captain , why? Does he resemble a certain Paul Lambert of some years gone by?
  20. OK I don''t mind being first. Grant, please just keep doing what you do for City but why ''Horse?''
  21. De Gear struggles with high crosses, Holt and Morrison would make life very difficult for him, he will make mistakes, and also they would help hold the ball up to give our defense a break occasionally. I think that has got to be the way forward today. Did we not do that to Newcastle when they came here with defensive frailties?
  22. Lambert was speaking to the all the bus drivers this morning, showing them the route into the stadium and how he wants them to park in front of the goal. Can''t remember what time they arranged.
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