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  1. She looks at the groom and says " my dads got a bigger one than that, and my brother, and my uncle, and my mum"
  2. Can Joanna Gray please provide more info concerning the ''OP'' getting badgered. I do like a good badgering...
  3. *oversees* over run. The comments, while not suggesting that we are Champions elect, could have been a lot more positive. In my opinion.
  4. We have got nothing to fear! We have played these teams and not been oversees bar Man City, let''s go for it again!
  5. Tune of Yellow Submarine Chrissy Houghtons army, yellow and green, yellow and green, yellow and green Chrissy Houghtons army, Norwich City, Norwich City, Norwich City
  6. I''m not convinced that standing areas would increase capacity, yet they would perhaps cost as much / more than conventional seating, yet fans would want to pay less - because they haven''t got a seat.
  7. Wiz probably more interested in the diving and young Daley.
  8. McNally doesn''t need to ask for planning permission, he has an ''understanding'' with the appropriate department.....
  9. Sir Alex will be putting the finishing touches to the fixture list ready for Monday.
  10. If he is replacing GH, how is he at changing a wheel when the team bus gets a puncture? Grant Holt has many talents.
  11. You all will know that Dutch cheese is made backwards
  12. Has anyone got a pencil and the back of an old envelope? We need to do this properly.
  13. [quote user="A Load of Squit"]I''m waiting to see how Pete is going to tidy this one up. Is he going to put it in the post that this post is linking to? Perhap ABC should go to the other post and put a link to this one from that one or maybe ABC should changes his/her name to AB Oozlum bird?[/quote] Ooh this is getting exciting, now I like ABC and I like ABO, but which is the best? There''s only one way to find out.......
  14. I couldn''t disagree more! The thought of a Scotsman not using the word wee, Lambert must have used it lots. As soon as manage to turn on the subtitles I will tell you exactly what he said.
  15. McNasty has put the ball in Hughton''s court, I suspect we shall see a resolution sooner rather than later.
  16. Being relegated to League 1 (Div 3) Peter Grant Glen Roeder Brian Gunn Neil Doncaster Where exactly were we before McNally, Lambert & Holt dragged us into the Prem via two glorious years rewriting football league history. Singlehandedly Holt won games ( critical games ) for us, driving the team on to last gasp victories. I''m not sure how much of the current situation is ''agents talk'' as I haven''t spoken with Holt, but whatever happens, let''s not forget three of the best years and those responsible.
  17. Stephen Ireland used to be class, PL could get him playing again
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