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  1. I''m assuming that any player movements, in or out, will be announced on twitter by NCFC and there won''t be a press conference til Friday prematch presser? Anyone know different, what can we expect?
  2. As has been said, it''s not a binary choice. I call it being professional, exercising control over the game, to control the pace and how open the game is. Many of our players are experienced but lose their heads and everyone gets caught up field allowing counter attacks. It doesn''t have to be all defensive, to have a measure of control over our game plan and the pace we want the play to be at. I''m not a fan of Hughton, no.
  3. We may need to lift our heads up and look at the big picture here. It''s not about "can we make the playoffs?" That can''t be the key issue. If we win the playoffs and get promoted, it will be ground hog day, unless Neil has learned lessons from the past eighteen months. We can''t be successful long term conceding 2 goals every game and hoping to outscore the opposition. It''s a flawed plan, it got us relegated last summer and isn''t working in the Championship. Unless we sort out conceding goals and allowing open ''you shoot / we shoot'' games then promotion will simply give a hit to the finances, not provide long term stability.
  4. I can''t believe how bad the situation is, I thought it would be ok with Nutty Nigel in charge.
  5. I''ve held my view that Neil should be replaced for some time now. Not just the past couple of months, but most of last season. It''s going to take a pattern of games to show whether Neil has learned lessons and from this and last season, so I''m not convinced yet. ie I love a win and 3 points, but I know that we won''t be saved by the frame of the goal every game.
  6. He''s only agreed to loan rather than permanent move because he doesn''t want to play in league 1 next year
  7. You haven''t got a screen which turns round to show you the bits you missed?
  8. How''s it going with the Pip Skips? Did you get the Quashqai wrapped in their logo or was that just rubbish, waste of time? We''ve all bin there.
  9. Should have said, doesn''t look like Blackpool issue gonna be resolved any time soon.
  10. Talksport spent some time interviewing the protagonists yesterday.
  11. Playing devils advocate, We''ve bought numerous players from lower leagues over past couple of years, many of whom have been young talents, so I suspect that Neil''s interview comments were ill thought, not entirely accurate. Unfortunately, this a recurring theme with his interviews, many things he says don''t appear to be logical or factual. The key is the phrase "if I was a supporter that''s what I would want to hear", that''s not an exact quote because I can''t be bothered to get a clip from the article, but it''s what he was reported as saying. Those of us with children, or in a supervisory capacity at work, know that sometimes people say what they think you want to hear. Most of the time that just causes confusion and delay, it''s usually better to stick to the facts, people respect honesty and the story makes sense.
  12. If Wes and Ivo had a child it could solve our left back problem. We need Ivo''s right back skills and pace + Wes'' left foot for crosses. That''s LB sorted, any other suggestions?
  13. [quote user="Thisisbabyish"]Has every girl you''ve ever tried to woo just fallen at your feet and begged to be taken back to your cave? Doubt it![/quote] That''s what the club is for, saves an awful lot of time
  14. Morty - No chance of any funny on here (not intentionally anyway) Please DON''T get it out.
  15. Neil would play McGovern or Rudd there rather than laffers.
  16. Now that Dick has bailed out (why is Alec still here, surely they were going to sack him?) it seems all our eggs are in Magic Marvin Ziegheiler''s basket. Let''s hope he signs up soon before one of those bottom half Prem clubs realise he''s left footed.
  17. [quote user="Mr Apples"]Morty, I''m sure if you upped the offer to a Malibu and Pineapple it would seal the deal for Greavsy? Apples[/quote] Babycham
  18. The Aussie pie and mash shop on Ber St will warm you up and you''ll last till evening at Mambo Jambo.
  19. Mike Hunt and Binner. Pinkun bingo classics.
  20. He thought he would be taken to Roger Hickman''s, Jezza took him to KFC for a bargain bucket, and then didn''t share the popcorn
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