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  1. Warnock is a perfectly reasonable guy, when he hasn''t got a job. When he''s in a job he can become nigh on unbearable.
  2. If we were to go into next season with Kamara as a starter I''d be worried. However if he''s willing to just be cover for a couple of games and to use his energy and enthusiasm in the last 10 minutes of games and he''s cheap enough, then why not?
  3. I''m strangely optimistic about it. For some reason I can see us nicking a 1-0 here, probably just blind faith than any logical reason behind it.
  4. If we were going into next season with Kamara leading the line I''d be very worried. But for £1.5m as a capable back up to do a job similar to Jackson has this season I think it would still be a good buy. He''s not quite technically good enough for the prem but his enthusiasm and his desire in a game we are chasing could be valuable.
  5. I don''t think Hughton really wanted Becchio, it was just a convenient way to get rid of a want-away Steve Morison. Becchio has played about as much as I would have expected Morison to play.
  6. I think we really need a midfielder that can put his foot on the ball and pass it. As good as Bradley Johnson has been at breaking up the play it is useless if he goes and passes it straight back to the opposition. I think this is the area of the pitch we are losing games.
  7. Bunn Martin, Turner, Bassong, Garrido Tettey, Howson, Johnson Kamara, Holt, Snodgrass
  8. If we could find a player that was a mix of Johnson and Fox then I think our midfield would be greatly improved.
  9. McDermott will take the down and if they are planning on sacking him at the end of the season they might as well do it now. Maybe a new manager will grab a couple of wins out of nowhere and save them, and if not he has had time to look at the team for a promotion push next year.
  10. One of the bottom 5 could possibly catch us if we fail to improve away and keep drawing at home. But it would take 3 of the bottom 5 catching us for us to go down and I just can''t see that happening. QPR are too far gone, Reading look incapable of putting together a run of results, Wigan, Villa and Southampton are all horrifically inconsistent and they won''t all find consistency.
  11. Can''t decide between Snodgrass and Bassong, both deserve it but Snoddy is the most likely to get it as attacking players always have the advantage in these sort of things. Third place could go to nearly anyone, Johnson has been consistent if not spectacular, Turner has improved massively, if Tettey or Garrido recaptured early season form they''d be in with a shout, if Holty can grab a few more goals he''ll be up there as well.
  12. The paperwork has to be at the FA at 11, it takes a little while, sometimes up to 2 hours, for the FA to get this paperwork back. It is only when this paperwork is back that the transfer goes through.
  13. I think it''s a pretty good deal for both clubs. Morison isn''t a bad player despite what some on here will tell you but he was quite clearly finished here and needed a new start, both clubs get a player of I think quite similar abilities, Becchio gets the step up he wants and Morison gets a new start. Good deal for everyone involved.
  14. The ref decides what side the assistants run not the club. The majority of refs run the same diagonal and so the assistants are usually on the same side.
  15. Man City 0-1 Al Hilal Pre season results mean fuck all.
  16. I''m actually in Austria for most of July so hoping that it''s near me and I can get to it.
  17. Get back from working away just before this so looking forward to it. It''s always nice to see a side you wouldn''t normally see in a friendly.
  18. I was surprised to see it listed on a couple of sites, it could mean that us living too far away to make the game are in with some luck
  19. I looked at it the other day at 6/1 and considered sticking a fiver on it, decided against it in the end but beginning to think maybe I should have.
  20. James Vaughan didn''t get injured, that''s always a positive.
  21. Villa are obviously a bigger club than us, but under their current ownership and with the club in such turmoil it would be a huge risk for any manager to take the job at the end of the season should they stay up. Therefore I don''t think Lambert would be interested in going there this summer.
  22. I know they''re still on sale so it''s unlikely anyone will be up for it but someone might take it, and by face value I of course mean £15.
  23. My mate''s pulled out of going on Sat so if anyone wants a ticket at face value then send us a message. No coach travel with the ticket so you''d have to sort own travel.
  24. I was the year above Ryan at school and often played football with him. Completely shocked when I heard the news, one of the nicest people in the world taken well before his time. I''ve donated on the just giving site and shared the link on my facebook. No one deserves to die that young, least of all Ryan.
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