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  1. @Mr Lister

    Drug testing in football is a joke. They are rarely tested and it is almost never blood tests. Bayern Munich, Barca, Real, Atletico and a handful of other sides are all using or have used doctors banned from cycling for doping offences. There is also a lot of stuff (like cortisone) that''s legal in football but not in most other sports.

  2. I think it can change the intensity of the performance, there is no urgent need to get that goal which can obviously effect things. It''s still not easy to win a football match though and I read a statistic a couple of years ago that showed that actually teams with nothing to play for beat teams with lots to play for about the same as teams with things to play for win, as it can also relax the players and allow them to play their natural game.

  3. I''ve been saying similar for a while. Whilst Johnson is doing his job well this season he is a very limited footballer and if we want to take the step to the next level we need to improve on him. It is our lack of ability in keeping possession in the midfield which stops us building attacks, our passing has been atrocious all season. If only we could mix Johnson''s tenacity with Fox''s range of passing and we''d have that player that we so desperately need.

  4. Has Holt ever stuck to the centre? He''s always drifted wide, I certainly remember moaning about it before this season.

    I do agree with the full backs though, they give the wingers another option when they could only get a poor cross in. I think Garido especially looks much better when he''s allowed to get forward.

  5. Thought Holt had a great game, dropped deep and ran the channels like he used to do. Could have done better with his headers but I don''t think they were as easy as some others are making out. I think we''ll play more adventurous football next season and that could see a return to the goals for Holty.
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