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  1. I would be. Sending you a private message
  2. To call him a flop after just 8 games is just sheer stupidity. Better players than RVW have taken much longer to settle in to this league.
  3. How about Tiago Ilori, recently signed for Liverpool and has represented Portugal at U20 level but born in London. Also eligible for Nigeria I believe.
  4. I think once the other players get used to playing with him then he''ll get a few more chances each game and with that goals should come. I''d expect him to average about 1 in 3 so that should get him about 13 goals.
  5. Cortisone is banned in cycling without prior permission. You can use it for certain injuries but never in the injected form.
  6. @Mr Lister Drug testing in football is a joke. They are rarely tested and it is almost never blood tests. Bayern Munich, Barca, Real, Atletico and a handful of other sides are all using or have used doctors banned from cycling for doping offences. There is also a lot of stuff (like cortisone) that''s legal in football but not in most other sports.
  7. How hard is it to double check a picture?
  8. Hoolahan provided the link between the midfield and attack that we so badly needed in the second half. I think we need someone else who can do this role (possibly Howson can) but Hoolahan will still be an important player next season.
  9. Isn''t there some Premier League rule that prevents numbers like this? Seem to remember something about Mido wanting to wear 99 and not being allowed.
  10. We aren''t officially debt free but we virtually are. As others have mentioned we owe money to Delia and her husband but I don''t think they''ll be calling that in any time soon.
  11. Are we now an established Premier League team? Or do we need another season to achieve this? Looking at teams records it seems that if you survive the first two seasons, you tend to go on to stay up for several seasons. So I''d say that we are now an established team.
  12. I think it can change the intensity of the performance, there is no urgent need to get that goal which can obviously effect things. It''s still not easy to win a football match though and I read a statistic a couple of years ago that showed that actually teams with nothing to play for beat teams with lots to play for about the same as teams with things to play for win, as it can also relax the players and allow them to play their natural game.
  13. George Francomb tweeting about saying his goodbyes, not that that''s much of a surprise.
  14. 7/10 He''s done the job and in the end done it well. But it got far too close at times and there have been some truly awful matches. His transfers have been generally very good and at times (albeit far too infrequently) he has shown that he can set a team out to attack, so I''m confident he''s the man to take us forward next season.
  15. Let''s also not forget that a game against Man City away is big. Players often play better against the big teams because of this added motivation and I think that will be the main motivation for the players today.
  16. Fantastic talents but they play like teenagers, a bit selfish in the final third and looking to do too much with it. That will hopefully pass with experience and exposure to first team football.
  17. Johnson has been fantastic this season but he is a very limited player and I think we could get better for less than £4m. I think £4m is a very generous price.
  18. 38 won''t be, 39 could be but it would possibly be goal difference, 40+ will do it. So a win or 2 draws needed. We''re more than capable of beating West Brom but it really shouldn''t be coming to this.
  19. I''ve just done the BBC predictor and had it coming down to us, Newcastle and Wigan all separated by goal difference. A scary thought, but Man City could already be on the beach and, as we''ve seen, anything can happen in football. Especially at this stage of the season.
  20. My Villa mate has been the same. Think the 6-1 win on Monday has gone to their heads.
  21. I''ve been saying similar for a while. Whilst Johnson is doing his job well this season he is a very limited footballer and if we want to take the step to the next level we need to improve on him. It is our lack of ability in keeping possession in the midfield which stops us building attacks, our passing has been atrocious all season. If only we could mix Johnson''s tenacity with Fox''s range of passing and we''d have that player that we so desperately need.
  22. 38 will probably be enough but I wouldn''t want to risk it. I think we''ll end up with 40 and that will be more than enough.
  23. Has Holt ever stuck to the centre? He''s always drifted wide, I certainly remember moaning about it before this season. I do agree with the full backs though, they give the wingers another option when they could only get a poor cross in. I think Garido especially looks much better when he''s allowed to get forward.
  24. Thought Holt had a great game, dropped deep and ran the channels like he used to do. Could have done better with his headers but I don''t think they were as easy as some others are making out. I think we''ll play more adventurous football next season and that could see a return to the goals for Holty.
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