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  1. The heading wasn''t there at the time of posting Bethnal, i''m not sure it''s still a little bit dubious what the title could mean ;) I did chuckle a bit at the picture, the players must have too being asked to look so serious! Think I like it though, going to have a better look using some of the links people have posted
  2. Twitter was the next place I checked, I bet a few people''s lives are unravelling with twitter being unavailable! .....but seriously,cmon, i''d like to know what the kits like now ;)
  3. Has news filtered though on colour / style of the new kit yet? Slightly inpatient as it only got shown at 5 but news travels quick (supposedly)! Canaries.co.uk is not loading up on my laptop where I was expecting to find it. Guess it''s due to the website update
  4. On second thoughts recovery is more like 9-12 months. Shame it wasn''t his medial ligament :( Oh well, we might not have been able to get him if he wasn''t injured and we may struck gold like Pilkington
  5. This one has got a good feeling about it, fingers crossed the medical (prepared to believe as it does sound creditable) has gone well. Cruciate ligaments tend to be a 6-9 month recovery depending on the extent of the damage, pace of rehab etc. If the injury happened January we could start seeing him in team best case, start of the season, worst November ish. Young leader in centre midfield. Pop him next to Howson and we''re happy days!
  6. We''re thinking along the same lines York! lol
  7. I understand what your saying Gareth, it is frustrating. However, for those rare 1/100 people who actually do have a source (that''s worth listening too), they could be letting down a friend/ getting them into s**t by giving a name. They come on here give a name because their excited by it but cant go the whole hog and give a source name. As others have said it''s all the BS from random certain posters that ruins it for the odd genuine poster. Anyway, with regards to the player, he''s clearly highly rated and expected to move (http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/17626554). So we could have a potentially very good signing on the way. It could be rubbish. It would be good to have some signing news though being inpatient as we all are in the close season!
  8. Looking at the post timings the twitter comment came first by a couple of hours. Who knows, as ginger says it is a bit of a random one to make up? He''s from Ghana so it''s not just another run of the mill Euro''s rumour. Have never heard of him, full back is definitely an area of the team that needs strengthening though. As you say, normally if it''s on football rumours it''s guaranteed not to happen so there isn''t any point getting excited yet!
  9. The only other place I can find it online is on football rumours. It is from a reliable source though so it''s got to be true eh?! "24 Jun 2012 13:33:18 Just heard from a very reliable source that Norwich City are close to wrapping up a deal for Dnipro and Ghanaian fullback Samuel Inkoom I''m told it should be completed early next week So let''s hope. OTBC !"
  10. Thanks Bowyer, was going to listen to it on radio norfolk but always better to watch it live. Cheers for the heads up. Let''s hope they don''t get fed up and leave because we''re taking so long! I woke up from recovering from a night shift for this-come on city!lol
  11. I only hope Villa aren''t pulling a fast one on this. They know any new manager will likely want his own team when negotiating a contract (i.e. Hughton). So Culverhouse and Karsa are left with us and Hughton asking for his own team otherwise he wont join. So Villa know that we will either not get our managerial target or be forced to terminate the contracts of Karsa and Culverhouse leaving them to pick them up compensation free... All very conspiracy like and long winded but you never know. I was expecting it to be a matter of course that the two of them would follow Lambert so there may be something in it. The ideal scenario is that Hughton has said he''d love to work with Culverhouse and vice versa. There''s no doubting he''s a great coach.
  12. Like the half and half colours, reminds me of his half black half grey hair- has always confused me that! Anyway, great manager, a new era: COME ON YOU YELLOWS!!
  13. Not been overly impressed with him when i''ve seen him play. Can be a little lazy watching the line and purely from the few times i''ve seen him he doesn''t mix it up with the defenders much either. Can encourage the team to play it long too early as well, through no fault of his own, as can happen with giant strikers! On the plus side he could be a good option when we play with width as you say. He could also improve the performance of say Vaughan if he drags an extra defender across for Arial challenges. The old flick on to the fast link striker could work well! Personally think their may be better out there on lesser wages though
  14. Agree about this being positive news. Hughton is just the sort of level headed manager that we needed after the last few weeks. Think he will have a settling influence on the players. Also has good contacts in the game after his time with Spurs and Newcastle so I can see some strong signings coming our way.
  15. If we''re talking about having Lansbury on the right id prefer Tom Ince personally. The thought of him in front of Naughton (would cost a lot a may not be possible) would be immense going forward! Ince has looked really classy on the ball when i''ve seen him, good close ball control with both pace and creativity. Would be great competition between him and Bennett but maybe there are other areas of the pitch (defence) that need looking at first
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