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  1. WhyDelilah

    tony pulis

    Agreed. They''re needs to be more consistency.

  2. A point well earned by both teams.

    Definite red card too. Letter of the law.

  3. WhyDelilah

    tony pulis

    [quote user="Harry"]I notice you didn''t answer my post Delilah, is that because you don''t want to admit I''m right?[/quote]

    When you make a valid point perhaps I will take the time to respond to it.
  4. WhyDelilah

    tony pulis

    [quote user="87canary"]Sorry, that was never a red card. In a million years. Even someone with extremely red & white tinted glasses should be able to see that.

    And if it wasn''t a penalty, it shouldn''t have been a red card,[/quote]

    Its the letter of the law, nothing to do with bias opinion.

    If you stop a goal scoring opportunity as last man, its a red.
  5. WhyDelilah

    tony pulis

    If you keep working hard there is no reason you can not stay up in this league.

    Fans from the "bigger" clubs will be queuing up to tell you that you are going straight back down. As they will be with the other promoted teams and there''s still plenty that throw it at us too.

    You can''t pay any attention to that mind. They would have you believe there is no way you can bridge the gap between the quality in what you have and their Superhero players.

    Hard work and team spirit goes a long way. You do need that bit of quality too but don''t underestimate what can be achieved with 11 players all pulling in the same direction, wokring hard for one another.

    It can be done.

  6. WhyDelilah

    tony pulis

    How the ref help us get the draw?

    We scored a good goal, decent move, good cross, great header. Ref had nothing to do with it.

    It wasn''t a penalty agreed, but we didn''t score that.

    The red card was a red card.

  7. WhyDelilah

    tony pulis

    He looked good too.

    The biggest problem with any team coming up is scoring goals.

    We really struggled in our first season, if it hadn''t have been for the signing of Beattie in the Jan window we''d have definitely gone down in my opinion.

    He came in and scored the goals that took us to safety.

    A lot will depend on Holt if he is your main goal scorer. He needs to do the bizz for you.
  8. WhyDelilah

    tony pulis

    Much fairer assesment,

    I thought Pilko looked handy.

    Not much for Holt.

  9. WhyDelilah

    tony pulis

    There are a few dodgy comments on here.

    The penalty was obviously a big mistake by the Ref but I suppose that got evened out by the fact we didn''t score. It shouldn''t have been given in the first place though so I can understand the criticisms on that front.

    As for the red card itself though, you can have no complaints. Its the letter of the law, if your last man and deny a goalscoring opportunity then it is a red and that is what happened.

    I think overall we definitely deserved a draw but its always difficult to take when it happens so late on so I can understand your disappointment.

    I thought you did ok overall and I hope you give it a good go this season. I much prefer the "smaller" teams to do well than the "big" teams.

    All the best for the rest of the season.