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  1. Don’t know which muppet it was but on Saturday the BBC commentator opened the match from Amsterdam with “Welcome to the Dutch capital”
  2. For the favourite players/ best signing questions I chose ones who were out/in on loan. For favourite opposition player I selected Lee Camp.
  3. This is what was in the open letter to fans signed by various ex-players, journalists and fan groups: Government legislation to block any Premier League clubs attempting to abandon the country’s football pyramid. The appointment of an Independent Football Regulator. This regulatory body would have a duty to represent the interests of supporters, protect against bad practices, adjudicate as the overarching body on matters involving the FA, Premier League and EFL and, generally, seek to prioritise the wider good of the game, rather than allow clubs to act solely in their own self-interests.
  4. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/584632 A lot of players and fan groups are behind this, what do we Canaries think?
  5. Tbf, VAR would have helped us today by probably getting Barnsley’s first goal disallowed
  6. The bottom 6 this season have so far gained only slightly less points than last season’s finishing positions. Not sure it’s turned to dross.
  7. The Top 6 have won more points after 45 games this season than the Top 6 did in the whole of the 2 previous seasons.
  8. Yep getting same. Sitting here ready to pay my money.
  9. Ah yes, forgot Marshall (but you could argue moving down the road doesn’t count)
  10. It’s happened 4 times since 2000 (Maddison, Johnson, Snodgrass and Croft) so it’s not that frequent. Not including Dublin as he retired rather than moving to a different club. In 2 of the 4 cases (Croft and Snodgrass) we were relegated at the end of the season in question and sold the player for a profit. We also did pretty well out of Maddison.
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