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  1. We are set to get over a million, according to Bryan Gunn. Theres a really interesting podcast by Owain Tudor Jones and he''s in the pub with Gunn for an hour talking openly about everything from playing to managing and the details of how that actually ended, down to Angus too. We get appearance fees when he plays games, extra for England appearances. Its worth a listen- good podcasts with Mcveigh and Hucks too. https://tlmfwp.podbean.com/e/ep-15-bryan-gunn/ - Angus bit is around 52mins in.
  2. Our friends bought 4 new season tickets together last week - no waiting list...
  3. What a goal! And apparently Robson-Kanu currently has no club having just been released by Reading...
  4. Yes they do. They won''t let you in without one. I always ended up buying a random single seat for me 2/3 yr old and then have them falling asleep on my lap. Bit of a waste of money really!
  5. He looked decent.. Lafferty made a difference too - some crisp passes and effort I thought. Im in the N+P too - "Bacardi" is what someone behind me was calling him...
  6. He should stay and the club should get in the experienced help that was part of the plan maybe. The Joe Royle role. I think all of us want to see him do well but he needs the right support. Maybe he is becoming a scapegoat as there was a setup in place and when he left, he wasnt replaced?
  7. It''s been 7 or 8 yrs since I stopped, but the lotteries office were always looking for golden goal sellers. You don''t get much money - 10p a card I think, but it was a free ticket to every game for an hours work...not badly paid if you''d have otherwise bought a ticket
  8. Redmond has started improving with every game...  And apart from the coaching, I think there is another, logical reason.. Anyone else noticed he''s bought some new boots shortly after the beginning of this season? Simple black ones rather than the usual multicoloured things they all usually wear. Maybe theres something in that - seems to coincide with him being able to cross the ball..?
  9. Im on here most days.. don''t post much.. Think that appointment might give people something to genuinely get worked up over
  10. He''s the missing link. Wouldn''t be surprised..
  11. Yeah, you''re probably right... at least its some concrete info at least rather than speculation. Providing Im believed I guess! Lets hope they make a good choice...
  12. I just picked up my son from Goalie training at Carrow Park and drove down Carrow Rd and there were lots of ageing men in smart suits and Range Rovers.. By the Carrow Rd Directors entrance, Mr Mcnally was there, briefcase in hand, and on his mobile. Alan Bowkett was there too. I didn''t see any other faces I recognised, certainly not Delia or Michael, but thats proof at least that a meeting did happen, and they were leaving the ground at 7pm. So hopefully an announcement soon! And no, I didn''t get a photo.. I was driving!
  13. Interestingly, I just saw an Aston Martin - Personal reg number of PJL (middle letter may have been different) going along the ring road opposite Fifers Lane. I didnt think until itd gone, but isnt that the same type of car and initials of a certain ex manager? Dont think getting him back would work though.. Mcnally has also been quite clear on Adams not being a caretaker... although no mention of contracts/length..
  14. Id like to.. I hate watching it on TV, thats why I buy my season ticket so I can watch the home matches each week at least.. But, couldnt get away tickets, and my friends meeting me for my birthday arent from Norwich so not keen on paying lots of money on getting into the match either!
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