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  1. baldyboy, did you really think that you were going to see a good game of football last night? If so you need to look at what this cup has become over the years and how many teams now approach it now. Its extra games a squad like ours does not need. These guys have the reserve matches to prove themselves and from what i was told did so well against blackburn the other night. I am sure we have all been to work at some point and turned in a bad performance.
  2. Excellent post, its a meaning less cup that i would rather be out of. You pay your money for entry knowing full well that carling cup games will be poor hence the ticket price. In my eyes these early rounds are not much better in quality than a pre-season warm up. Look at the other match last night aswell. Those players have battled and given there all over the last two seasons and have made me proud to be a city fan. In my eyes they have shown more fight and pride in the shirt than any other city team i can remember. Out of those 13000 people who attended last night many would have been people who cannot see league football at carrow road as they cannot get a ticket. If they wish to have an opinion after seeing one game then let them. Just don''t come on here and start spouting rubbish about getting your money back, the squads ability and lamberts future. You are the people that will sit in your seat when times get hard this season and moan and turn carrow road into morgue. Personally i will be behind the best squad i have seen in years at carrow road and get right behind the boys when they need that huge carrow road lift.
  3. There are alot of people on this forum that don''t understand religation is decided over 38 games! We have played two and not lost. Wise up please!
  4. Excellent post, more norwich fans should think like this!
  5. make this happen city! Could be the signing of the season!
  6. www.fanchant.co.uk A good site that has songs from all clubs on it. Very interesting. Lets get some more city songs on there and push the club up that fan chant league. OTBC!   
  7. Lets move the advertising boards as close to the pitch as we safely can. Less run up might reduce the distance he can throw the ball. He did limp off today with what looked like a hamstring injury along with etherington (Arm) so hopefully they will both be out on sunday.
  8. Does it not sum it up when they spend more time showing the highlights of last seasons Newcastle v Arsenal game (4-4) than our first game back in the prem last night? Also they were talking about who was going to win the league before all the teams have even played. Hanson is a idiot and Shearer is not much better ( How can he pick swansea). I did not see the game to me being offshore but from what i have heard and seen we were good for a point. Match of the day highlights made us look a little nervous but with plenty of room for improvement. We can survive. We have played second fiddle to leeds for two seasons on the BBC highlights, looks like it will be second fiddle to QPR this season. They looked terrible.
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